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Mistified Italshau
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime
Relatives Italshan, Alquem, Nocturnel, Wahlo

Archon Mistified drifts into the room...

Holy Soldier Mistified Italshau, Lord General of Elanthia, a Human. He has sullenly glowing viridian eyes. His blue-black hair is very long and curly, and is worn pulled back in a multitude of beaded braids. He has dark brown skin. He is one who towers among others for a Human. He is archaic. He has a thin sparse mustache on your upper lip and a long shaggy beard. He is enwreathed in vaporous shadows.

Mistified was born on the 11th day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Iron Toad, 326 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer. He is one hundred five years old. He is considered archaic. He is aging at a normal rate for a Human.

Quote: "Let me hold you as you melt through my fingers, let the earth tremble at your touch, and when the chaos starts, have mercy on us all."

He is wearing a burly cave rat, a crimson leather mask set with a mohawk fashioned from iron spikes, a lumium mail balaclava, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver eyebrow ring accented with a golden shield, a silver earring in the shape of a shield emblazoned with a heart, a full-length black cape with the crest of the Paladin Guild embroidered in multi-colored silk, a brass badge etched with a laurel and lion's claw crest, a warped pin displaying a dead tin-wearing paladin, a dingy brown battle-worn burlap tabard stained with sweat and blood, a sturdy weapon harness, a leather toolbag painted with dancing Dwarves, a darkened steel scythe affixed to a twisted cambrinth haft, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a heavy damite plate cuirass, a lumpy arm quiver of stained leather, some black reinforced vambraces, some silver-chased elbow spikes, a massive vardite phalanx shield with a blackened skull boss, a leather archer's cuff with the Ranger Guild crest hand-tooled across the back, a small steel skinning knife with a leather-wrapped hilt, a simple steel parry stick with a tempered finish, some flame-discolored hand claws tipped with sharpened black katambite streaked with gold, some metal scale gloves, a viridian glass ring, an ornate alerce ring, a silver band topped with a glaes raven's head, a rugged forger's belt wrapped with fraying grey bourde, a coarse burlap sack, a soldier's supply bag, a dark gem pouch, some lumium lamellar greaves, some blackened steel knee spikes, some steel-toed footwraps with dark steelsilk straps, some ghoulskin boots colored pale grey splotched with sickly green.

OCC: First roamed the realms in 96'. Took nearly a generation off, and back till I slay a dragon. In the meantime, got beef with Zehira and Moriora.