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Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You see Sister Milyo, Celebrant of the House of the Silk Strings, an Elothean Cleric.
She has a heart-shaped face, slightly pointed ears and tilted almond-shaped cat-slitted amber eyes. Her platinum hair is very long and wavy, and is worn braided. She has fair skin.
She is tall for a Elothean.

She is wearing a shimmering scarf of pale golden silk wrapped loosely around the neck with one end cascading elegantly down the back, a golden necklace with a dangling ruby heart, a translucent red silk wrap painted with stylized flames, a black oilcloth duffel bag with sturdy leather straps, a bright scarlet suede instrument case with polished golden-hued buckles, a flowing crimson silk kimono tied with a long sash, a scarlet and gold feathered fetish wristlet, an intricate silverwillow shesegri ring interwoven with silk threads, a string of polished onyx prayer beads and a pair of soft soled leather sandals.