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Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime

Played by Kittn. Currently Deactivated.


(After leaving the orphanage) Mageling Mihli, a Prydaen. Mihli has pointed ears and cat-slitted bright blue-grey eyes. Her black mane is shoulder length and straight, and is worn parted down the center. She has grey fur with black points and black spots and a thick tail.

She is holding a partisan with a broad woodgrain-steel blade in her right hand. She is wearing a cambrinth ring, a lumpy bundle, a brushed golden balaclava, a braided spidersilk backpack, a softly draped moonsilk dress with a knotted halter-neck, a chain hauberk, a golden buckler, some blackened mail gloves, a suede gem pouch and some gold silk sandals dangling tiny onyx charms.

Age: 16 Born: 12 Skullcleaver 376


It's not clear what turned this girl into the strange young prydaen she is. Some at the orphanage claimed she witnessed the fiery distruction of her parents' house. Others say she caused it.

Regardless, it was to the orphanage in the middens she was taken to when the spotted gray kit was found wandering the Southern Trade Route near Leth Deriel with an odd glint in her jade colored eyes and clinging to a partisan weapon that was several times her height. The charred remains of her family's tree-house was found not long after that.

Mihli's fur still holds a memory of that event in the scent of burning wood that clings stubbornly to it even after many scrubbings that the kit was an unwilling participant of. The girl, however, even in those moments of lucidity, does not recall what happened.

She didn't remain at the orphanage long, making her escape into the middens after little less than a year of residence there. None bothered to track her down, as most of the orphanage staff was rather relieved at her departure and the rest had given up on taming their "Mad Miss Mihli".


After leaving the orphanage, it wasn't long before the girl was found in the company of war mages, drawn to their ability to kindle flame without flint and steel. Drawing upon her inherent ability to do such, she was accepted reluctantly into the guild and can currently be found enjoying her 'playtime' with the critters around Crossing and Riverhaven.