Merit Badges (1)

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Merit Badges
Event Guildfest 412
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cleric shops, Paladin shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Merit Badges, Sales Floor]
Neatly pressed, the folds of the tent appear to fall in exact lines creating an octagon shape on the inside of this neatly kept tent. Two plain maple tables sit on a swept wool rug of river blue. A tent flap stands open between them, held by a simple blue cord. Across from the flap, a heavy curtain with a blue and gold compass rose stitched on it hangs across an opening.
You also see a polished maple sign with elegant lettering and a maple list.
Obvious exits: none.

A polished maple sign with elegant lettering reads:

As soulstones are hard to come by, the Paladin Guild has requested that we limit sales to three per family.

Please be aware that this is a total for all shops selling soulstones in the festival and not each shop on its own.

Choose carefully, we will not be giving refunds.

(OOC:  There is a limit of 3 purchases per account for soulstones for the whole festival.)

On the maple table
Item Price Done
polished plumwood thighband flush-set with a soulstone 240,000   
leather thigh bag embellished with a soulstone 25,000   
smooth flamewood anklet inset with a soulstone 90,000   
twisted glaes anklet displaying a soulstone 850,000   
wide gold band flush-set with a soulstone 40,000   
braided silversteel ring set with a soulstone 350,000   
leather belt with a soulstone-set golden buckle 30,000   
delicate silver link belt clasped with a soulstone 40,000   
white silk haversack secured with a gold and soulstone clasp 280,000   
black leather duffel bag fastened with a silver-framed soulstone clasp 300,000   
On the plain table
Item Price Done
birch pilgrim's badge painted with a border of regal lion's mane irises 90,000   
rowan-framed silk pilgrim's badge 50,000   
tower shield-shaped pilgrim's badge 60,000   
pale silk pilgrim's badge reinforced with stiffened leather 55,000   
pilgrim's badge resembling a goshawk mantling its wings 70,000   
pilgrim's badge bordered with stylized mongooses 65,000   
pilgrim's badge depicting a lion's head 80,000   
unadorned ebonwood pilgrim's badge 40,000   
lustrous white ironwood pilgrim's badge 85,000   
gleaming goldenoak pilgrim's badge 45,000