Meraud's commune walkthrough

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Given by: Esuin upon advancement of 20th circle

Go to the ancient tower in the dense forest where cougars roam; west of Crossing.
From the west side of the brook go West, Southwest, West, Go Tower, Go Arch, climb stairs, CLIMB STEP six times to reach the top.

When you reach the top of the tower SCRATCH the wolf statue and you will see:

As you lean over to scratch the statue it turns its eyes on you, its cold stare freezing you where you stand. Darkness creeps over your vision as the world begins to bleed away, washed aside by a wave of numbness. You realize that you are being turned to stone in some dark and distant corner of your mind.

You are a stone statue, now. Everything else has no matter to a nigh-immortal creation of solid, unchanging rock.

From deep within the earth below you you feel a distant rumble, like that of a sated wolf. A voice that resonates with age growls, "And who is this that disturbs this one's sleep?"

Through the dark mist of your sight L I G H T explodes across your vision, and you see the visage of a massive black silver-muzzled wolf.

The wolf paces around you before saying, "Ah, thee one knows. Thou art here to speak with one of Meraud's speakers. So one hast found, cleric of stone. So we speak, hey? Know thou one is the creation of Meraud, his servant and speaker, as the gray horned owl is Firulf's, as the mad mage Kerenhappuch's is appropriately a shrew's." The wolf flicks his tail and appears amused.

"This one's master is the lord of dark magic's enchantments. There is, however, method to his madness." The wolf paces, flicking his tail against you from time to time. "He is the master of foresight, and his 'positive' side -- as such as his positive side can be -- is the mage Firulf, who is lord of elemental magic."

The wolf stops pacing and cocks his head at you. "The negative aspect of Meraud is Kerenhappuch, who is a mad mage with few scruples. One does not recommend crossing her."

"Now," the wolf continues, "thou hast come here for this one's lord master's guidance; so mote it be. To consecrate the earth with an abundance of mana is indeed an enchantment worthy of Meraud's advice. This ability is powerful, but costly. It will imbue the area with strong power for a limited period of time, and even make it possible for thou to perform as if thou were in a room of ritual. Let all who benefit from the magical arts bask in this boon, save those that don't truely know what forces they direct."

The wolf yawns, displaying two sets of gleaming white teeth. "Now know that the way to cast this enchantment is to sprinkle thyself with holy water in addition to waving holy incense at thyself and then -- if thou art pure and thy favor with the gods strong and the area you are in appropriate -- shall you be gifted with this rare and fine gift."

The wolf grins ferally, looking sleepy.

"So this one must sleep again, but first one must send thee back to the world of flesh. So shall it be. Farewell, stone cleric."

The wolf's tail brushes over you yet again and you feel a rush of fire all along you as a thousand pin-pricks of pain explode all over your body. Your tendons jump and your skin ripples, and you realize you are flesh once more....