Mehenna's Tent

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Mehenna's Tent
Event Jeraya Lanival
Owner Mehenna
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Mehenna's Tent, Front Room]
A plain room, effused with the light smells of fabric dyes, is graced by modest displays. You also see a tiered stand with some stuff on it, a large curtain, a services sign, a large wooden table with some stuff on it, a special display featuring tiny colored pouches of shiny silk and a set of poles with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

A services sign reads:


           Mehenna creates fashionable wear for women who spend a lot of time engaged in combat. 
         Mehenna also creates hair ornaments which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

                         Please discuss your purchase with an available sales clerk.

                Mehenna will embroider the god of your choice on any milady's cloak purchased. 
             She will ONLY work with milady's cloaks, she cannot work with other fabrics or items. 
    The cost of the embroidery will depend on the type done, and can range from 100 kronars to 10,000 kronars.

 In addition, Mehenna can dye the other fashions in her tent for you for an additional, nominal fee of 100 kronars.


On the tiered stand
Item Price Done
gold tasseled headdress ?   No
silver tasseled headdress 750   No
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
crimson pouch ?   No
purple pouch ?   No
multi-hued pouch ?   No
silver pouch ?   No
golden pouch ?   No
On the special display
Item Price Done
black silken pouch ?   No
red silken pouch ?   No
yellow silken pouch ?   No
blue silken pouch ?   No
green silken pouch ?   No
On the poles
Item Price Done
brocade sari ?   No
silk caftan ?   No
short-cropped leather melois ?   No
milady's cloak ?   !!!!

[Mehenna's Tent, Dyes and Embroidery]
Pots of dyes, some boiling and giving off a mild aroma, line a large table at the back of the tent. On several skeins are silken threads in a multitude of colors, along with a host of embroidery needles. You also see a large sign and a waiting list.
Obvious exits: out.

A large sign reads:

Mehenna is not in at the moment. She will be back soon, though!