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Megwyn Tokh
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Megwyn Tokh

Megwyn Tokh, self-styled "Water Witch," is a Warrior Mage native to the farmlands of southern Therengia. Sometime around 356 years After Victory, she arrived in the Crossing on the back of a turnip truck (turnips being her family's principle crop) and joined the guild under the tutelage of Gauthus.

Megwyn has eluded notoriety, if not age, and is among the oldest Humans yet adventuring. She can typically be recognized by her blue robes, straw hat, and waist-length white hair.


Megwyn has a single familiar spirit which typically incarnates as a panther or owl. She calls the familiar "cat," but claims it has a different name that she has forgotten. The familiar refuses to remind her.


You see Megwyn Tokh, a Human.
Megwyn has crystal blue eyes. Her snow-white hair is very long and straight, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. She has copper skin.
She appears to be aged.

She is wearing a frayed straw hat with faded ribbons, a tiered robe of midnight blue Elothean silk edged with intricate silver embroidery over a fitted grey dress, a broad blue nightsilk sash cinched with silver cord, an embellished spell pouch, a leather foraging bag, a sigilated platinum ring, a dull blue leather combat pack fringed with embossed straps, a sturdy weapon harness, and some scuffed pale blue slippers

Altered Gear

A broad blue nightsilk sash cinched with silver cord:

An abstract pattern of snowflakes swirls within the stiff brocade. Silvery threads used in the embroidery compliment the braided cord securing the waist, and both stand out prominently against the matte blue nightsilk to create an aesthetic contrast.

(First prize in the human snap contest; tied with Cyiarriah)