Marelien's Memories (1)

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Marelien's Memories
Event Chris' Mass Festival 403
Owner Marelien, Tandek
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Bard shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Marelien's Memories, Tent Interior]
Silks in shades of blue, white and gold sweep upward, a wave of material rising to create the peaked tent. Pine tables covered in cloths of similar hue line one side, while silk ribbons adorned with small instrument charms wind about the base of the center pole. Using most of the small space, decoratively carved cases dot the well-worn carpet.
You also see a gap in the tent fabric and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

In the carved case
Item Price Done
gold-inlaid silver neithrel band bearing a tri-stranded braided chain 25,000   
gold neithrel band fastened with five silver chains 50,000   
gold neithrel band embellished with sapphires 50,000   
silver-inlaid malachite neithrel band fitted with two silver chains 12,500   
silver neithrel band embellished with sapphires 12,500   
braided platinum neithrel band wrapped with a lute string 375,000   
spiral silver neithrel band set with hematite stones 12,500   
spiral silver neithrel band set with small fire opals 12,500   
A small notecard reads: "The neithrel bands attach to wrist and middle finger of the hand. The chain between bracelet and ring symbolizes the bonds of Neithrel Silverfrost to Dzree's throne. These are worn as a remembrance of our history. Please be advised, that due to the nature of the craftsmanship, only Bards will be able to wear these items. ~ M >
On the pine table
Item Price Done
braided copper ring 1,250   
braided golden ring 25,000   No
golden spiral pendant hung with a tiny bell 50,000   
silver spiral pendant hung with a deep blue star sapphire teardrop 18,750   
silver spiral pendant hung with a fiery black opal teardrop 17,500   
silver spiral pendant hung with a silvery hematite teardrop 6,250   
silver spiral pendant hung with a tiny bell 3,125   
small golden frog earcuff 8,125   No
Rotating Stock
A small parchment card reads: "Feel free to peruse the wares upon the table, which we have gathered from distant lands on our travels. Unfortunately, since we did not craft them, we will not be able to offer customization of any of the items displayed here. ~T."