Mana Storms

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Mana storms are chaotic lashings of magic, originally triggered by an incursion of the Hunger onto our plane.

They have subsequently been seen occur without any obvious connection to demonic activity.


  • The world around you seems to ripple and bend, twisting everything around you into a nightmarish parody of itself. Eventually the warping ends and everything seems to return to normal, leaving only a vague feeling of nausea in its wake.
  • Somewhere in the distance you can hear the cries of both people and animals, all frightened and confused by the insanity this is slowly manifesting around you.
  • A discarded item jerks violently and flings itself through the air! It zips past your head with an angry screech and disappears into thin air with a soft *pop*.
  • A pin-prick of light swells up into a large golden ball! As the gold light fades, it leaves behind a Shadowling that looks just as confused as you are. It stares dumbly at you for a few moments and then plods away.
  • A wide flash of silvery-blue aethereal light streaks through the sky above you, before roiling lances of dark reds and deep blues split out downwards from it! Blazing droplets manifest aside whirling snowflakes, scorching small patches of the ground just before subsequently freezing them solid.
  • A violent gust of wind throws <player> to the ground!
A violent gust of wind blasts you to the ground!
  • You hear a crackling sound in the distance, which quickly seems to grow in intensity. The invisible snapping and crackling passes by you, riding on a wave of energy sets your nerves on fire, then recedes in the opposite direction.
  • An unnatural wind kicks up dirt and dust from the ground and hurls it into the air! The debris is channeled along a perpetual loop, making a hazy brown figure-eight in the sky.