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Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You are Aethercaster Malavance Malloreum, a Kaldar. You have clear colored eyes. Your silver hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn tousled. You have fair skin. You are in your prime.

You are holding a black shadowsilk cloak in your right hand. You are wearing some smoke grey leather boots, a miniature wooden barrel, an indigo gem pouch, a bejeweled scabbard embossed with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild, a beribboned silvery silk pouch, a double-wrapped leather sword belt stamped and painted with dancing gypsy marauders, a supple leather belt buckled with a stylized dragon's head, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild, a thin brass ring, a platinum ring engraved with the Estate Holder's crest, a worn leather arm sheath tooled with the image of a cobra wrapped around a sword, a slim dark leather arm sheath with small gemstone fragments, an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack, a mottled weapon harness formed from patches of tanned skins, a target shield, a lantholite gwethdesuan, a waermodi gwethdesuan, a raven-shaped obsidian pin, a carved wooden amulet, a crystal bow-shaped earcuff, some thin spectacles with jade-colored lenses and a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan.