Mahchoe's Men's Shop (3)

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Mahchoe's Men's Shop
Event Taisidon Safari 417
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Festival shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Mahchoe's Men's Shop, Front Room]
Grime-covered lanterns hang from hooks, barely illuminating the room but filling it with a strong smoky scent. The loud sound of feet hitting wooden slats of the floor is common as attendants move from display to display, performing various activities. Chests, shelves and racks are placed about the area, while twin wardrobes flank the doorway leading out. You also see a gold-framed sign hung upon the wall.
Obvious exits: north, out.

note: Both genders may purchase from this room, but the clothing can only be worn by men.

In the walnut chest
Item Price Done
full-sleeved ivory linen shirt accented with a loosely tied ascot 12,000   
elegant charcoal black linen shirt embellished with monogrammed black ruby intaglio cufflinks 80,000   
handsomely-tailored sage linen shirt with a knotwork embroidered placket 12,000   
smartly-tailored claret linen swordsman's shirt fitted with glistening damaryn pearl buttons 22,000   
elegantly-tailored crocreate linen shirt displaying a smartly tied cravat 13,000   !!
On the cracked wooden shelf
Item Price Done
slash-sleeved russet brocade doublet secured with pearl storm bull shaped buttons 25,000   
cap-sleeved silvery Elven silk doublet adorned with black satin epaulettes 150,000   
amber-hued velvet doublet accented with rolled black leather trim 23,000   
slash-sleeved teal damask doublet woven with a subtle baroque pattern 25,000   
creamy suede doublet embellished with contrasting cross-laced seams 25,000   
On the hickory shelf
Item Price Done
white suede boots double-wrapped with spiked strapping 35,000   
black leather boots decorated with golden skulls upon each toe 75,000   !!
tan suede boots appliqued with black leather fleur-de-lis 25,000   !!
dark green suede boots embellished with golden banyan tree toecaps 65,000   !!
midnight blue leather boots adorned with silver cobra toecaps 52,000   
On the long rack
Item Price Done
vibrant jacquard vest layered over a full-sleeved gold linen shirt 35,000   !!
dragonfire brocade vest layered over a handsomely tailored white linen shirt 160,000   
vibrant Gemfire velvet vest layered over a finely tailored ivory linen shirt 160,000   
dashing goldweave vest layered over a full-sleeved linen shirt 160,000   
fitted azure suede vest layered over an elegant dove grey linen shirt 40,000   !!
On the sturdy wooden rack
Item Price Done
black leather greatcoat embellished with bleached skulls upon each shoulder 120,000   !!
white doeskin greatcoat accented with ocean jasper buttons 160,000   !!
double-breasted grey rabbit's hide greatcoat trimmed with soft leather 80,000   
handsomely tailored burgundy wool greatcoat secured with jeweled chains 80,000   !!
crimson silk brocade greatcoat with a braided gold lanyard over the left shoulder 80,000   
In the polished mahogany wardrobe
Item Price Done
smartly pleated kilt of black brocade 30,000   
white fox pelt kilt secured with a wide chestnut-hued belt 30,000   
smoke-grey doeskin kilt secured with a trio of bearclaw toggles 30,000   
calf-length gold and black tartan kilt adorned with ivory buttons 30,000   
jaguar-pelt kilt with ruby-encrusted buckled strapping 80,000   
In the polished cedar wardrobe
Item Price Done
midnight blue mistsilk tabard emblazoned with the scales of justice 50,000   
brilliant firesilk tabard emblazoned with winged dragon coiled around an undulant dagger 85,000   
silvery satin tabard embroidered with a pair of golden crossed keys 12,000   
elegant black jacquard tabard woven with an intertwining gladiolus design 16,000   
starlight velvet tabard embroidered with a triple plumed great helm 800,000   
golden Musparan silk tabard embellished with a full-rigged cutter 85,000   

[Mahchoe's Men's Shop, Back Room]
A strong scent of oil and rust fills the air. Racks line the walls while tables fill the center of the room. Oblivious to the smell are a few attendants who move about the room, helping the occasional customer and polishing various shields and armor. You also see a gold-framed sign hung upon the wall.
Obvious exits: east, south.

note: the armor in this room can only be worn by men, however the shields may be used by both genders.

On the long table
Item Price Done
patinaed silver plate armor intricately wrought with a writhing asp pattern 186,500   !!
gleaming platinum plate armor accented with extending flame-like tendrils 178,000   !!
brushed gold plate armor with overlays of intricately wrought ivy 194,550   !!
blued steel plate armor embellished with draping gold chains 163,500   !!
dark green plate armor pattern-welded with ornate scrollwork 282,550   !!
On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
matte black leather buckler painted with a hanging corpse 150,000   !!
weatherbeaten buckler crafted from broken deck boards 130,000   !!
polished wood buckler with vertebral bone trimwork 145,000   !!
reinforced leather buckler painted with an alluring siren 135,000   !!
gilded harp-shaped buckler inlaid with sparking lightning amethysts 650,000   !!
On the wall rack
Item Price Done
blackened steel tower shield edged with rampant dragons that surround an ornately set Elamiri sapphire 210,000   !!
enameled pavise shield displaying an armored knight on a rearing warhorse 128,000   !!
elaborately tooled leather-wrapped valnik shield tethered with small deer antlers 136,000   !!
golden warrior's shield inlaid with black diamonds that form a soaring phoenix 3,500,000   !!
filigreed silver kite shield embossed with an inscribed medallion at its center 135,000   !!
On the sturdy rack
Item Price Done
blackened steel targe riveted with golden lirums around the edge 146,000   !!
azure targe embossed with a shipwreck spilling hordes of glistening jewels 182,000   !!
gleaming brass targe painted with an illuminated lighthouse 140,000   !!
polished steel targe shaped like a large clam shell 139,000   !!
hammered bronze targe worked into the shape of a ship's wheel 140,000   !!
On the squat wooden table
Item Price Done
gold-trimmed black leathers accented with a trio of brass chevrons along each pauldron 157,000   !!
oxblood leathers tools with an elaborate feather pattern 142,000   !!
pale grey leathers adorned with black bat wing pauldrons 143,000   !!
moss green leathers with a row of brass buckled strapping along the chestpiece 145,500   !!
teal leathers accented with a jeweled knotwork pattern 168,550   !!
On the oval table
Item Price Done
green-link mail hauberk accented with golden leaf-shaped pauldrons 790,000   !!
ruby-hued mail hauberk trimmed with skull-shaped obsidian medallions 758,000   !!
gleaming mail hauberk augmented with brass lion's head pauldrons 766,000   !!
gilded mail hauberk trimmed with beaded fringe along each arm 745,000   !!
matte black mail hauberk adorned with cougar claws around the yoke 746,550   !!

[Mahchoe's Men's Shop, Weaponry]
A vague haze hangs in the air from the smoke-stained lantern overhead. Various racks and stands surround the small room with a variety of weaponry, restocked and polished by the occasional attendant. You also see some sturdy shelves with several things on it and a tall bin.
Obvious exits: west.

note: the weapons from this room can be used by either gender.

On the wide rack
Item Price Done
polished triple-bladed katar with an intricate octopus-shaped knuckle guard 186,000   
copperwood-hilted dao embellished with pearlescent crystal doves along the length of the blade 185,000   
wickedly serrated falcata with a gryphon shaped hilt 165,000   
gleaming platinum briquet balanced with a double-winged pommel 172,000   
undulate diamond-hilted dagger etched with indistinct runic symbols along the blade 152,550   
On the sturdy shelves
Item Price Done
blackened steel scimitar pierced with the silhouette of an undulate dragon 179,000   
gleaming gold cutlass with a jewel encrusted anchor-shaped hilt 208,550   
amethyst-tinted sabre adorned with an ivory scrimshaw pommel 189,050   
sweeping silver scimitar etched with a series of crude pictographs 178,500   
pearl-handled gladius with ornate arabesque etching along the blade 183,550   
In the tall bin
Item Price Done
emerald-tinted bastard sword embellished with bone inlays along the fuller 286,500   
ruby-tinted bastard sword with a double wolf's head crossguard 273,880   
Heke'mhhg lazuli handled bastard sword etched with an undulating cobra along the blade 428,550   
gleaming steel bastard sword with a shark-shaped crossguard 256,990   
azure-tinted bastard sword with a golden seahorse-shaped handguard 268,000   
On the large stand
Item Price Done
matte black broadsword inset with a trio of brilliant forest's heart diamonds 1,650,000   
damascened steel longsword embellished with a wyvern's head handguard 258,990   
flamewood-handled battle axe with a flame etched head 264,560   
gleaming steel falchion with keenly honed barbs opposite the gold-edged blade 247,880   
skull-etched claymore with a magnificent cabochon bloodgem pommel 384,990