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Mahchoe's Men's Shop
Event Taisidon Safari 412
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Festival shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
Restrictions Men only
This store only accepts Lirums

[Mahchoe's Men's Shop, Front Room]
Grime-covered lanterns hang from hooks, barely illuminating the room but filling it with a strong smoky scent. The loud sound of feet hitting wooden slats of the floor is common as attendants move from display to display, performing various activities. Chests, shelves and racks are placed about the area, while twin wardrobes flank the doorway leading out.
You also see a gold-framed sign hung upon the wall.
Obvious exits: north, out.

In the cedar wardrobe
Item Price Done
dark green tabard emblazoned with a soaring double-headed gryphon 12,000   
white satin tabard crossed with tapered bands of brilliant red 16,000   
gold linen tabard embroidered with a runelike pattern 11,000   
tawny suede tabard branded with a broad sana'ati tree 15,000   
scarred leather tabard stitched with crossed hammers over a dark anvil 14,000   
azure satin tabard appliqued with a complex tribal design 16,000   
In the mahogany wardrobe
Item Price Done
cougar pelt kilt draped at the waist with gold chains 30,000   
wyvern hide kilt lined with tawny rabbit's fur 50,000   
On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
double-breasted black greatcoat with braided satin shoulder boards 70,000   !!
double-breasted grey greatcoat accented with silver chains 100,000   !!
double-breasted leather greatcoat with brass skull-shaped buttons 80,000   !!
double-breasted dark green greatcoat embroidered with gold dragons 70,000   !!
On the long rack
Item Price Done
silvery brocade vest layered over a tailored black linen shirt 35,000   !!
fitted black leather vest layered over a tailored white linen shirt 38,000   !!
ivory velvet vest layered over a tailored burgundy linen shirt 37,000   !!
jade brocade vest layered over a tailored ivory linen shirt 35,000   !!
dark purple wool vest layered over a tailored grey linen shirt 32,000   !!
chestnut-hued leather vest layered over a tailored dark green linen shirt 38,000   
On the hickory shelf
Item Price Done
black leather boots accented with bull's head toecaps 13,200   !!
grey leather boots accented with blackened chains 14,800   !!
mahogany-hued leather boots stitched with runelike symbols along the toes 11,700   !!
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
full-sleeved grey brocade doublet secured with silver shield-shaped buttons 17,800   
full-sleeved burgundy velvet doublet trimmed with silver satin cording 16,500   
In the wooden chest
Item Price Done
black suede pants embroidered with a writhing wyvern along one leg 11,500   !!
grey suede pants side-laced with black leather cords 10,000   !!
In the walnut chest
Item Price Done
full-sleeved gold linen shirt with black embroidered cuffs 10,500   
full-sleeved black linen shirt with skull-shaped buttons 12,500   

[Mahchoe's Men's Shop, Back Room]
A strong scent of oil and rust fills the air. Racks line the walls while tables fill the center of the room. Oblivious to the smell are a few attendants who move about the room, helping the occasional customer and polishing various shields and armor.
You also see a gold-framed sign hung upon the wall.
Obvious exits: east, south.

On the oval table
Item Price Done
blue-link mail hauberk augmented with cougar skull pauldrons 745,000   No
gold-link mail hauberk bordered with tiny obsidian arrowheads 790,000   No
red-link mail hauberk trimmed with small golden stars 770,000   No
black-link mail hauberk embellished with steel spikes along the forearms 725,000   !!!!
gleaming silver hauberk with a tribal-etched medallion upon the chest 745,000   No
polished mail hauberk accented with a tooled-leather yoke 720,000   No
silver-link mail hauberk adorned with a bear-hide central tasset 750,000   No
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
thick black leathers accented with winged pauldrons 136,000   !!!!
sable-hued leathers accented with jutting antlers 130,000   No
midnight-blue leathers dangling fragments of charred bone 130,000   No
mahogany-hued leathers embellished with golden studs 160,000   No
dark green leathers ornamented with dragon's head pauldrons 150,000   No
charcoal-grey leathers dangling a flame-tooled central tasset from the belted waist 135,000   No
silver-trimmed burgundy leathers tooled with a chevron pattern 140,000   No
On the sturdy rack
Item Price Done
matte black targe embellished with fragments of charred bone 140,000   No
red-trimmed targe embossed with a sabre-toothed warcat 140,000   No
black-trimmed targe embellished with a ring of bear claws 140,000   No
brass-trimmed targe embossed with a screeching falcon 160,000   No
bronze-trimmed targe embossed with a frothy tankard 150,000   No
silver-studded targe embossed with a trio of lightning bolts 170,000   No
gold-studded targe embossed with a central triquetra symbol 180,000   No
On the wall rack
Item Price Done
gleaming gold tower shield crossed with studded bands of silver 160,000   No
polished silver battle shield bordered with golden chain links 160,000   No
hammered silver heater shield chased with a reticulated flame design 130,000   No
matte black warrior's shield inlaid with a writhing golden dragon 150,000   No
blackened-steel kite shield embossed with a skeletal rib cage design 110,000   No
leather-wrapped war shield adorned with a golden stag's head boss 150,000   No
ornately etched valnik shield shaped like a crenellated stone wall 120,000   No
On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
gleaming gold buckler embellished with a tooled-leather scarab 150,000   No
blackened-steel buckler emblazoned with a snorting storm bull 100,000   No
brass-studded buckler etched with a charging war horse 100,000   No
sleek silver buckler trimmed with braided black leather 130,000   No
polished steel buckler quartered with complex knotwork designs 100,000   No
buckskin-covered buckler embellished with a trio of rat skulls 90,000   No
bronze-plated buckler shaped like a cogged gear 110,000   No
On the long table
Item Price Done
blood-stained plate armor trimmed with braided rolled leather 1,500,000   No
gilded plate armor chased with a byzantine leaf pattern 2,000,000   No
gold-trimmed crimson plate armor with horned skull pauldrons 1,900,000   No
brushed silver plate armor embossed to resemble a skeletal frame 1,850,000   No
blackened-steel plate armor embossed with a stone-like texture 1,650,000   No
dark-tinted plate armor engraved with a soaring phoenix along the breastplate 1,600,000   No
blue-tinted plate armor edged with bone fragments 1,550,000   No

[Mahchoe's Men's Shop, Weaponry]
A vague haze hangs in the air from the smoke-stained lantern overhead. Various racks and stands surround the small room with a variety of weaponry, restocked and polished by the occasional attendant.
You also see a tall bin and some sturdy shelves with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the large stand
Item Price Done
gleaming steel broadsword with a ruby-inlaid fuller 250,000   No
brushed steel falchion with an emerald-inlaid fuller 258,000   No
blackened-steel dagesse with a sapphire-inlaid fuller 230,000   No
gold-chased condottiere with a moonstone-inlaid fuller 240,000   No
damascened steel greatsword with an onyx-inlaid fuller 225,000   No
polished steel claymore with a pearl-inlaid fuller 220,000   No
etched steel kaskara with a larimar-inlaid fuller 230,000   No
In the tall bin
Item Price Done
ruby-pommeled bastard sword with dragons etched along the blade 286,500   No
amethyst-pommeled bastard sword with an ivy vine etched along the blade 266,500   No
emerald-pommeled bastard sword with skulls etched along the blade 276,500   No
ivory-pommeled bastard sword with lions etched along the blade 256,500   No
garnet-pommeled bastard sword with ravens etched along the blade 266,500   No
aquamarine-pommeled bastard sword with stingrays etched along the blade 266,500   No
amber-pommeled bastard sword with obscure symbols etched along the blade 256,500   No
On the sturdy shelves
Item Price Done
blue-tinted scimitar with a small wyvern-shaped pommel 160,000   No
black-tinted scimitar with a small armadillo-shaped pommel 160,000   No
red-tinted cutlass with a small pard-shaped pommel 160,000   No
gold-tinted cutlass with a small dragon-shaped pommel 180,000   No
emerald-tinted sabre with a small boar-shaped pommel 170,000   No
purple-tinted sabre with a small banshee-shaped pommel 160,000   No
sapphire-tinted gladius with a small celpeze-shaped pommel 170,000   No
On the wide rack
Item Price Done
brass-handled katar with a flamberge blade 160,000   No
gleaming steel dao with a tiger-embossed handguard 150,000   No
polished steel falcata with a dragon's head pommel 150,000   No
double-fullered short sword with dark mammoth hide grip 170,000   No
razor-sharp kasai with a small mermaid-shaped pommel 150,000   No
blackened steel telek with ornately forged quillions 160,000   No
gold-edged kris with a carved ke'nag grip 180,000   No