Magistyre's Cambrynthe Gardynne (1)

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Magistyre's Cambrynthe Gardynne
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Magistyre's Cambrynthe Gardynne]
Trompe l'oeil paintings adorn the walls of the tent with lifelike scenes that reinforce the nature of the wares being sold. On one wall, a flower-filled wooden window box perches beneath a lifelike painted window. Another wall is decorated to resemble a lake, with a burbling stone fountain filled with figurines on the ground before it. The ceiling, dark blue like a night sky, holds several cambrinth stars and other celestial objects dangling from strings.
You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

In the painted window box
Item Price Done
pale white cambrinth lily 17,500   !!
dark orange cambrinth tiger-lily 17,875   !!
vibrant gold cambrinth chrysanthemum 18,750   !!
deep purple cambrinth violet 18,125   !!
On the tent ceiling
Item Price Done
crescent cambrinth man-in-the-moon 62,500   !!
glittering cambrinth star - 32 62,500   !!
long-tailed cambrinth comet 62,500   !!
glittering cambrinth sun-in-glory - 32 62,500   !!
In a burbling stone fountain
Item Price Done
dancing cambrinth dolphin 35,000   !!
seated cambrinth mermaid 43,750   !!
undulating cambrinth carp 18,750   !!