Magen Road Lords

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Magen Road Lords

Night begins to fall on Magen Road, robed mages slip quietly among the people, lighting the gaethzen orbs that dangle from posts, their soft light illuminating the street below. Shopkeepers eye passers-by warily as the more unsavory types begin their nightly prowl. The cold clang of forged weapons bouncing off of armor can be heard from behind the Barbarian Guild, while a steady stream of wounded hunters rush quickly through the Empath’s Guild arch.

Gathered in front of the Guildhall doors, oblivious to blood stained road and walking wounded, a motley crew holds court, with a commanding air of arrogance and exuding raw passion for the fight. Scuffed armor bears the scars of the past, blood stained weapons dangle from belts, a subtle warning to those who dare to challenge them.

These are the Magen Road Lords, and this is their playground.

Past and Present

As individuals, each of the Lords has their own checkered past, from petty theft to mass murder, their willingness to jump into any battle is legendary. Officially formed in the year 403, the Magen Road Lords thrive in a climate of violence and extortion, and exercise their power by any means necessary. Their favorite method of inflicting pain and death is referred to as skull vaping; the process of turning the victim’s skull into mist.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015: The '99 Incident

Leucistic: "I can prove back to '99. you?"
On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 the idea was brought forth by Leucistic that one must "prove back to '99" to have any relevance in Elanthia. While the Magen Road Lords as a group cannot prove to '99, all of its members can, and will if their credibility is put into question.