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Lycium Contraire
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

Tlus Chudin Lycium Contraire, Ghost of the House of the Rowan Branch, an Elothean Empath.


She has a triangular face, almond-shaped green eyes and a freckled nose. Her ginger hair is short and fine, and is worn parted on the side. She has pale skin and a slender figure. She is slightly under average height for an Elothean. She is an adult.

Her thigh has a tattoo of a buxom pirate wench winking flirtatiously while holding an overflowing tankard of ale aloft.

She is wearing a scale-carved leather viper mask, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a hooded night-black woolen highwayman's cloak, some braided pink twine, a verdant vela'tohr blossom, a tooled leather weapons harness, a sable brown journey pack, a white silk shirt, some smoky bronze-studded leathers, a shield sanguine bearing two cockatrices or, a diminutive flower charm expertly whittled from polished oak, an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps, some dull brass knuckles, some shark fang-tipped gloves, a pair of copper zills, a black leather hand-tooled highwayman's belt, a purple brocade sash, some jade beads worked to resemble interlocking leaves, a orange silk sack with a corroded brass clasp, some black wool trousers and some black leather hand-tooled boots.


Birthdate: 31st, Akroeg the Ram, 378 after Lanival
House: House of the Rowan Branch
Guild: Empath