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Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


You see Warrior Poet Lupazic, War Drummer of Elanthia, a Rakash.
Lupazic has grey eyes. His grey hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin.
He is young for a Rakash.
He has a thin sparse mustache on his upper lip and a thin patchy beard.

He is holding a colorful elbaite runestone in his right hand. He is wearing a small yellow-green grasshopper, some weathered traveler's boots faded to a dusky grey, a claymore sheath, a red gem pouch, a dusky nightsilk hunting cloak with hiro bearskin lining, an origami-paper envelope, a witch ball, a delicate platinum neithrel band set with diamonds, a soft leather instrument case with a tightly braided rawhide strap, a dark grey suede war belt with an interlocking clasp of ivory fangs, a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan, a traveler's rucksack, a jeweled amulet with a large Bardic Soul Knot of deep blue sapphires and an engraved oak belt charm.