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Lothirania Nightengale
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime

Lothirania is the last known, living member of The Nightengale Family and the Daughter of Theodain, also known as 'The Lost Prince'. She is a secretive type, only associating with those she trusts, and through her being hunted by several different factions within Zoluren, has become paranoid and distrusting of strangers. Her only confidant is Krisalia, an associate of her fathers, and holder of many tomes of Nightengale knowledge. Krisalia's whereabouts are currently unknown. Lothirania's whereabouts are currently unknown, but she is believed to be in hiding.

Public Records

  • There are no public records for Lothirania.


The Nightengale Family

Lothirania is thought to be the last living member of a very old Necromantic family called The Nightengale Family. No known written records of the family exist, and it is not known if they were destroyed along with the family or if they were stolen and hidden. The Nightengale Family's history is riddled with battle and secrecy, and though Lothirania is not a Necromancer, she carries in her blood the potential to become a very powerful adversary if she chose to join the guild.


You see Bard Lothirania Nightengale, Minstrel of Elanthia, an Elven Bard. She has pointed ears and amber eyes. Her golden hair is long and straight, and is worn loose, tucked behind her ears. She has tanned skin. A brilliant pear-shaped citrine rests on her forehead, just above her eyes. She has a tattoo of a water sprite dancing around a willow tree on her back..

She is wearing a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a marqueterie copperleaf locket, a leather thigh quiver embossed with a pair of yellow wolf's eyes, a mist-filled crystal globe hanging from a fine gold chain, a brooch depicting a nightingale with crystal tipped wings, a black medium silk case, a cherry longbow, a silver-edged scabbard, a leather backpack, a flowing ivory silk robe adorned with dozens of tiny bronze wren charms on fluttering multi-colored ribbons, a midnight blue gown streaked with silvery gossamer threads, a fine chain hauberk painted with multi-colored diamonds, a diamond nightingale armband, a silver neithrel band embellished with sapphires, an albredine crystal ring, a brushed silver hip-chain with dangling amethyst snapdragon and ivory gladiola charms, a graceful white hip scarf artfully embroidered and fringed in silver and gold, a beribboned silvery silk pouch, a moonsilk gem pouch fastened with a brushed silver phoenix, a lapis lazuli anklet with small bells dangling from its bronze beads and a pair of silvery slippers trimmed with seed pearls.


Early Years

After briefly speaking with Lothirania, it is clear that much of her early years are forgotten or blocked out. She says she remembers her mother very faintly, but has the most vivid memories of her father in Crossing. Before he disappeared, she said they had gone on a trip to the market and bought food. When she took a bite, they discovered the food had been poisoned, and she was rushed to the empath guild. The Empath who healed her said she had 5 different poisons in her system. It was then that Theodain realized that the Necrop had found them, and were hunting them.


  • Krisalia Kindragon

A friend and confidant who knew much about The Nightengale Family histories.

  • Radivnal Nightengale

Adopted brother

Had many dealings with Sardolf and was last seen with him just before his assassination in 389.

Favored items

  • A marqueterie copperleaf locket

You see the image of a young Gor'Tog man. He has clear colored eyes. He has dark green skin. This is the only depiction of Lothirania's servant and protector. He was killed soon after Theodain discovered the Necrop in Crossing.

  • A brooch depicting a nightingale with crystal tipped wings

A velvety black sky full of brilliant crystal stars sets the backdrop for Phelim's soaring nightingale on this enameled brooch. A nightingale brooch reads: ~ Make promises unbroken and vengeance unspoken ~

  • A simple ivory key dangling from a leather cord

You focus your magical senses on a simple ivory key dangling from a leather cord: The simple ivory key has a definite magical pattern, which apparently is an enchanted item. You recognize the pattern as a manifestation of Lunar magic. There is nothing else you can tell about the simple ivory key.

  • A midnight blue gown streaked with silvery gossamer threads

Cinched tightly at the left hip with a sterling silver brooch the gown's full-length skirt shimmers with strands of gossamer. The life-like brooch resembles a nightingale frozen in mid song, never to grace listeners with its music again.