Log of A Plan to Consult Nera

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OOC: below you will find the log of an in-game discussion held on 4/7/19 in the Crossing Meeting Hall, Red Room, at 9:00 PM.
More discussions will follow in the coming weeks.

Lenaea says, "Before we begin, I'd ask that you keep fidgeting to a minimum, if possible."

Aei hiccups.

Lenaea nods.

Aaoskar says, "Ok."

Aaoskar says, "We, the so called Children of Grazhir, are at odds with the Arbiter and creatures from the Plane of Probability. Some weeks ago, we made an attempt at communication at the Obelisk on Taisgath island, seeking to learn more about these creatures and the reason behind their hostility toward us, all with the hope of brokering some sort of peace."

[Red Meeting Room]

Dark red paint covers the low walls of the meeting room, and tasteful red roses grow in stone pots in one corner. Several rows of high-backed benches are arranged in the center of the room, each finely carved from cedar. A small table against one wall holds a few refreshments.

You also see a bottle of passionfruit vodka, a bottle of death brandy, a bottle of death brandy, a fat farm boar, a red door and a speaker's podium.

Players here: Sunyun, Aaoskar, Chawguay, Challeirra, Lighter, Traim, Shannera, Miskton, Simmish, Kirloft, Aei, Rafano, you, Lenaea, Emyrose, Hebion and Brisby.

Obvious exits: none.

Aaoskar says, "Our endeavor was successful in that something did manifest and respond. But what was communicated to us was what we already knew. They despise us."

Aaoskar says, "The many adventurers who were on the island saw and heard the shadows. Those who were there also saw the shadows surrounding the Obelisk lash out at me. I have been loath to discuss the attack for some time, but now I will."

Nizaye vaz Nason Baelor came through a red door.

Aaoskar says, "My mind was intruded by the most powerful psychic energy I have ever experienced. Voices in my head groaned, growing louder and louder, until my mind felt like it was being torn asunder. And then I heard one very loud word."

Aaoskar exclaims, "Leave!"

Lenaea nods.

Lenaea rubs Aaoskar in a friendly manner.

Aaoskar says, "I was left in agonizing pain that lingered for weeks. While I recovered, I struggled to make sense of the attack. I did not understand the raw emotion, the intense rage, that was channeled into the core of my being."

Kirloft nods in agreement.

Aaoskar says, "Not long after the events on the island, Ilveric told me that the Obelisk had changed. A simple touch would leave one stunned and reeling. Several Moon Mages, including myself, immediately went to the Obelisk to investigate."

Simmish frowns at Aaoskar.

Aaoskar says, "His words were true. My body was thrown violently backwards as I placed my arm around the Obelisk. Once again, the pain and agony of the original assault was visited upon my mind."

Lenaea nods in agreement.

Aaoskar asks, "I returned to my study, sat in my chair, and meditated. The Shadows do not want us near the Obelisk. Putting an arm about the Obelisk now leaves one stunned and reeling. We attempted to understand, to ask the shadows why, and were met with hostility. What does all this mean?"

Aaoskar says, "There is much to know, and we know so little."

Aaoskar says, "In speaking with my fellow scholars, it was determined that, at this point, it would likely be unwise to reach out to the same creatures who appeared at the Obelisk. So, rather than risk a second attack by asking for their input again, a handful of us turned again to research. This research led to a hypothesis about why the relationship between us and The Arbiter and creatures of shadow is at best uneasy, and at most, hostile."

Aaoskar says, "This hypothesis centers around the Naming Ritual."

Aaoskar says, "And so I think we need to pause for a moment and reflect on what The Naming Ritual is. And this will explain the indirect approach we feel is the wisest course of action at this time."

Lenaea nods.

Lenaea says, "We know from experience that names anger extra planar beings, Pelag and the Arbiter in particular, but none yet have proposed a reason why. We hypothesize that the Naming Ritual does violence to the Plane of Probability in this way: The Naming Ritual binds infinite probability--no, infinite possibility--into finitude."

Lenaea says, "Bear with me, because this is somewhat complex."

Lenaea grins.

Lenaea says, "The inherent problem with naming a thing is that no name can encapsulate the thing in its entirety. Indeed, on this Plane, the nature of a thing is usually far greater than its name can describe. But a name is far more than a mere simplification."

Lenaea says, "Names, in essence, assign limits and transform extraordinarily complex concepts into basic things that our minds can understand and communicate. A name, here, provides certainty, and it removes doubt."

Rafano nods at Lenaea, obviously agreeing with her views.

Lenaea says, "Names have power. They define what something is and--perhaps more importantly--what something is not."

Lenaea says, "Turning to the Plane of Probability, everything and nothing, there, has its place: all that was and was not, is and is not, will be and will not be. Every possible incarnation exists and does not exist."

Lenaea asks, "So, then, what effect does a Name have when bestowed on something in the Plane of Probability?"

Lenaea says, "We believe that when a name is bestowed on something there, the thing is made to exist, irrespective of whether it would have, could have, or might have otherwise. In addition, just as it would here on this Plane, the name bestows certainty on the thing in the Plane of Probability, but that certainty causes the thing to exist in only one state. The name causes it to be separated from anything it might otherwise have been, or not been. The name removes the thing from Probability."

Lenaea sighs.

Lenaea nods.

Aei ponders.

Lenaea bluntly says, "Suddenly, a myriad of infinite possibility, shimmering and reflecting upon countless facets of a prism, is transmuted into a single, dull piece of glass. That is the violence of a name in the Plane of Probability."

Lenaea clears her throat.

Simmish frowns.

Lenaea says, "And now to turn to the Naming Ritual."

Traim nods in agreement.

Lenaea says, "What little we know of the Naming ritual is that Names were attached to Grazhir shards here, and in the Astral Plane, so that a Moon Mage of certain skill can interact with the shards and pick them out in the Astral, even if that mage lacks the skill of a Crowther."

Lenaea asks, "But we also know that the Astral Plane is not the same as the Plane of Probability. So why, then, would the Naming Ritual, and its names for Grazhir shards in the Astral, be of any concern to creatures from the Plane of Probability?"

Lenaea says, "A single word: Overlap."

Lenaea says, "Our research discloses that the Astral Plane abuts the Plane of Abiding and has a similar relationship to the Plane of Probability. To visualize it, think of three circles in a triangular formation, each one overlapping with the others."

Lenaea says, "We hypothesize that the Grazhir shards on this Plane overlap with both the Astral Plane and the Plane of Probability. If this is so, the Naming Ritual did not merely assign a name to a piece of a broken moon here, and in the Astral Plane, but the Plane of Probability as well."

Lenaea gnaws on her lip.

Lenaea says, "The Plane of Probability contains all that was, is, was not, is not, could, and could not be. When we named the shards, it could be that we forced Grazhir to be forever broken on the Plane of Probability, never again to be whole, because we assigned certainty to some of its pieces. We hypothesize that whatever those shards might have otherwise been on the Plane of Probability may be gone."

Lenaea says, "The Naming Ritual is a wellspring of hostility because it binds the infinite into finitude. This is our hypothesis."

Aaoskar nods to Lenaea.

Lenaea says, "If our theory is correct, the question becomes how to apply this knowledge to resolve our conflict with extra planar entities. If we are incorrect, the problem of extra planar conflict remains. In either case, we need to move forward."

Lenaea says, "There are some who disagree, arguing that we should do nothing and leave well enough alone. I do not embrace such a laissez faire approach, nor do the scholars with whom I work."

Aaoskar nods to Lenaea.

Lenaea says, "We already tried to reach out to creatures from the Plane of Probability to gain knowledge and perhaps a mutual understanding. That did not go well. This time, we propose an indirect approach. The final details of a plan are now coming together to speak to the one person who might know whether we are correct, and who might be able to give us advice on what to do."

Traim raises an eyebrow.

Aaoskar nods to Traim.

Lenaea quietly says, "This same person probably knows the Arbiter better than anyone else. And this same person bestowed a Name onto an entity from the Plane of Probability, Pelag ai Aldam. According to Bardic recollection, she claims to be the one who damned us."

Traim gives a slight nod.

Lenaea confidently says, "We will seek out Nera."

Miskton raises an eyebrow.

Lenaea studies the ground for a moment.

Lenaea gazes upward.

Aaoskar nods.

Lenaea says, "Without divulging too much of the plan before its details are finalized, we will use teleportation magic to create a subtle anomaly in probability, in our present time, that Nera would have noticed in the past. Our hope is that she will reach forward to speak with us, just as she did with Pelag and the Arbiter."

Miskton strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Lenaea says, "The execution of this plan will likely require the combined efforts of many, including Moon Mages, Traders, Bards, and others. Of course, we will take as many precautions as we are able, as we have always endeavored to do."

Aaoskar says, "I do admit that that trick is rather difficult and clever."

Emyrose furrows her brow.

Lenaea says, "We will meet again in the coming weeks to iron out the finer points of the plan. I hope each of you will come to help us."

Lenaea nods.

Simmish says, "Wow."

Lenaea says, "And I'd also like to add that Rafano will soon lead a group of scholars to perform research as well."

Aaoskar says, "Thank you all for coming. I know there is a tournament. Stay and ask questions. Or reach out to us at anytime."

Emyrose raises her hand.

Rafano smiles at Lenaea.

Traim says, "Thank you, both."

Aaoskar says, "Thank you all for coming."

Lenaea says, "I encourage each of you to aid Rafano in his endeavors."

Simmish says, "Aye, thanks much."

Sunyun says, "Thank you."

Lenaea nods to Emyrose.

Aaoskar shakes Traim's hand.

Aei looks at Lenaea and applauds!

Chawguay rubs his head.

Lighter asks, "Tournament?"

Lenaea grins.

Emyrose asks, "Pardon, but if I recall correctly, is not Nera dead?"

Aei looks at Aaoskar and applauds!

Emyrose raises an eyebrow.

Aaoskar says, "Yes, she is."

Kirloft says, "For a very long time."

Lenaea says, "Aye."

Simmish nibbles his lip thoughtfully.

Traim raises his hand.

Traim grins wryly.

Lenaea nods to Traim.

Traim smiles.

Aaoskar says, "Which is going to make for one interesting application of theoretical teleportation across multiple planes."

Simmish says, "Gah, gotta run, my guild's under attack."

Lighter asks, "Where's the tournament?"

Traim says, "First, thank you again, I tend to agree with both of you on the general contours of the power of naming."

Lighter asks, "Am I missing somethig?"

Miskton says, "She was also one of the most powerful seers known, so it's entirely possible she could have seen what is going to be attempted."

Lenaea nods to Miskton.

Rafano respectfully says to Aaoskar, "Very interesting research Your theories clearly advance our understanding of the field."

Aaoskar says, "Especially if we create a peculiar anomaly."

Aaoskar says, "And i think we know how we can."

Lenaea says to Miskton, "That was our thought, exactly."

Traim says, "As for Nera..and the process to reaching her, ambitious, but warranted. I will help as I can."

Rafano nods at Miskton, obviously agreeing with his views.

Challeirra says, "I think we need to attend to the invasion at the empath guild before the tournament... Thoughts are coming out on it."

Aaoskar says, "Thank you Traim. As always, any and all help is welcome and wanted."

Traim says, "I would suggest that we also look into Cashek gand Aldam."

Lighter says, "I might need some excort to the tournament."

Traim asks, "What relationship that entity has to Nera is unknown, yes?"

Miskton says, "Hmm... Yes, does sound like there's some chaos in the city."

Lighter says, "I will getlost..."

Lenaea says to Traim, "That's one of the questions I plan to ask her."

Aaoskar says, "In the past, i admit that we spoke about some things that should have been said behind closed doors."

Aaoskar says, "This might be one of them."

Kirloft asks, "Pay mind of the timing eh?"

Traim nods.

Aaoskar says, "In the future, we plan to be more discreet. We proceeded publicly last time because we needed to find out where everyone stood on a variety of questions."

Traim says, "I would offer this too as well, for whatever it is worth. I do not believe the Arbiter is our enemy."

Lenaea says, "I do not know enough about him to fully say what he is, or what he wants."

Lenaea says, "But asking him directly has proved.... problematic."

Traim says, "Me neither, but I mention it only to warn against anyone that conflates him with Pelag."

Traim says, "Not you two."

Rafano nods at Traim, obviously agreeing with his views.

Aaoskar says, "That is an interesting hypothesis. it is something that i would like to here. i do think that his servant at the least does not like us."

Miskton says, "He did have the opportunity to simply do nothing, and let us all be wiped out."

Kirloft says, "What good will it do to make peace with the denizens of the Plane of Probability? I fail to see how relations with a Concept will prove anything but disasterous for all of us."

Aaoskar says, "At the very least, we need to have more information so we can make informed decisions as to what we should do."

Aaoskar says, "As always, we merely seek knowledge."

Rafano politely says to Traim, "I agree with you . . . even from history we know that Nera speaks differently to the Arbiter than she does to Pelag. Almost as though she has a certain sort of hope for the Arbiter's relationship with mortals."

Traim says, "I would also quibble with the idea that we perhaps named the Arbiter. Nera named Pelag...the Arbiter, less clear, at least to me."

Kirloft says, "That is understandable then. I thought you were hoping to take some sort of action with this peace you seek."

Lenaea says to Kirloft, "And to summarize a very complex set of theories, we draw our magic from the Plane of Probability. Whether that weakens those who live there, I do not know. WHether our continued use of magic harms them, I do not know. We need to know."

Traim clears his throat.

Aaoskar says, "It is possible that we named the arbiter. it is less certain. we did not mention that particular story because we did not want to detract from the more important points."

Miskton says to Kirloft, "Avoiding all contact with them entirely does not seem likely, so attempting to minimize hostilities if at all possible would be nice."

Traim nods to Aaoskar.

Aaoskar says, "There is at least one story of possible naming the arbiter."

Lenaea says, "In the coming weeks, we will meet again."

Kirloft asks Lenaea, "And if you determine that we do them harm you would stop spellcasting? End your research of the heavens?"

Lenaea says, "Hopefully with a larger group, to set out the details of the plan."

Traim says, "Learning the crux of the conflict, its real source, should help us all plan for the future regardless."

Traim says, "Thank you both again."

Lenaea says to Kirloft, "I do not know. Fate has not yet shown me those threads."

Traim mumbles a word of general praise.

Lenaea smiles.

Lenaea nods.

Aaoskar says, "Thank you traim. thank you miskton. thank you everyone."

Lighter smiles.

Traim bows.

Miskton nods politely.

Traim's group went through a red door.

Sunyun says, "Thank you. I will to what I can to help."

Aaoskar exclaims, "And thank you Chawguay. i remember you drawing your sword to help defend us!"

Aaoskar says, "Thank you Kirloft."

Lenaea says, "I would ask one thing of each of you."

Lenaea says, "Two, actually."

Emyrose tilts her head, clearly curious about something.

Lenaea says, "The first, think of questions you think we should ask Nera."

Kirloft says to Aaoskar, "I am still young and eager to learn."

Kirloft grins.

Kirloft says, "But..."

Lenaea says, "The second, tell others of our plan. We would like the assistance of as many as we can gather."

Rafano nods to Lenaea.

A cloaked figure asks, "Others?"

Sunyun nods to Lenaea.

Lenaea says, "Others."

Lenaea nods.

Kirloft says, "I fear we have enough extraplanar encroachments that making friends with them is not the proper course."

Aaoskar says, "People that could help. but not people who want to kill us while we are doing our research."

Lenaea grins at Aaoskar.

Rafano grins at Aaoskar.

Aaoskar says, "As we have said many times. moon mages do not have a monopoly on knowledge. we need and want the help of all who sincerely want to help us."

Lenaea asks, "Any pressing questions?"

Lenaea says, "I know there's a tourney."

Kirloft says, "If any of you wish to go defend the city let mek know before you leave. I can help you."

Lenaea says, "And am hearing about an invasion."

Aaoskar says, "I fear that the naming ritual has put us in an akward position already."

Aaoskar says, "Invasions and tournaments."

Emyrose wrinkles her nose.

Miskton says, "Take care this evening, folks. Sounds like there's some danger about."

Miskton nods politely.

Lenaea nods.

Aaoskar says, "Thanks agian Miskton."

Vision Sage Miskton went through a red door.

Aaoskar says, "I will stay for a little bit longer. i do admit i want to protect Crossing."

Sunyun says, "I am off to see what I can do to help. Thanks again."

Aaoskar asks, "Any other questions?"

Lenaea says, "Thank you for coming."

Lenaea says to Aaoskar, "I do hope the Bards will help us."

Rafano says, "Your theories would be supported by the Arbiter's recent Contract with the Trader's guild . . . which specifically banned Traders from interacting with the Plane of Probability."

Aaoskar says, "I am certain that the arbiter is not happy with recent events."

Kirloft says, "And I heard one trader attempted to violate that agreement."

Aaoskar says, "Yes and i believe that trader is not doing well."

Rafano says to Kirloft, "Indeed. I was present for that, in fact. It was . . . unpleasant."

Aaoskar says, "I heard a little bit about some lunar experiment that may be happening soon too. hopefully that will be very fruitful."

Kirloft says, "It is an interesting theory about the Naming Ritual's impact on Grazhir on that plane. To repeat myself though - I am not sure what there is to gain at this point."

Lenaea says to Emyrose, "To answer your earlier question about Nera, she is very much dead."

Emyrose nods to Lenaea.

Aaoskar says, "I think some of this will make more sense too once we explain how we will create the anomaly."

Lenaea says to Emyrose, "What we hope to do, though, is to attract her attention when she was living."

Emyrose says to Lenaea, "I see. That sounds dangerous."

Lenaea says to Emyrose, "A small, subtle shift in probability that would have looked curious to a great seer like her."

Hebion asks, "Could you possibly negate even her ability if you are not careful with the Naming Ritual?"

Lenaea says to Emyrose, "We hope that she will investigate it, and use it to send a vision forward to us."

Aaoskar says, "Possible Kirloft. But it could also turn out to be helpful. it depends what we learn."

Aaoskar says, "We wont be doing the naming ritual."

Lenaea shakes her head.

Lenaea says to Aaoskar, "I doubt Taramaine would allow it."

Hebion asks, "If you name other things could they not affect her existance?"

Kirloft says, "No."

Aaoskar says, "We think we found a clever way to create a peculiar anomaly that would have gathered her attention in the past, making her want to find out more about the anomaly."

Aaoskar says, "I wont speak for Taramaine. But I do believe in doing our own research for many reasons."

Emyrose gnaws on her lip.

Aaoskar says, "One. i believe people should follow their conscience...and two, it allows them to disavow anything we do."

Lenaea says, "Oh, and by the way, it should be said that all the guildleaders were made aware of our talk today, and were each invited to come and participate."

Kirloft says, "Which she either has already done, or did not notice Hebion. It is not possible to bind items already decided by Fate in the past."

Kirloft chuckles at Lenaea.

Emyrose gazes off into the distance.

Kirloft says, "I already had a stern talking down too from Kssarh over contacting extraplanar entities, thankfully I didn't get a second helping here tonight."

Lenaea says, "Kssarh."

Lenaea shakes her head.

Lenaea says, "He."

Lenaea says, "He'd give you a tongue lashing for wearing the wrong colored socks."

Emyrose begins chortling at Lenaea.

Lenaea says, "He threw me out the window a long, long time ago for some minor infraction."

Rafano says to Kirloft, "If it makes you any more comfortable, there is an upcoming Lunar experiment that will be only observational - and less active contact - in nature, and may yield interesting results."

Rafano distractedly says, "Well, I think it will be observational . . ."

Lenaea says, "And it should be said that Nera is not an extraplanar entity."

Aaoskar says, "Fate is funny."

Kirloft says, "She is not - but this is all going toward the ends of having a relationship with them."

Kirloft shrugs.

Lenaea says, "No, not really."

Lenaea says, "It's about understanding the relationship we already have."

Rafano nods at Lenaea, obviously agreeing with her views.

Lenaea says, "Well, I'd best be off."

Rafano nods to Lenaea.

Lenaea says, "I do hope that each of you will feel free to reach out to me with any other questions or concerns that may pop in your heads."

Rafano respectfully says, "A good lecture, both of you."

Lenaea smiles.

Lenaea curtsies to Rafano.

Emyrose nods politely to Lenaea.

Lenaea excitedly exclaims, "I can't wait to get going on this plan!"

Aaoskar says, "It's subtle."

Lenaea waves.

Aaoskar says, "And against popular belief, we normally try to do subtle and indirect."

Rafano chuckles at Aaoskar.

Aaoskar says, "Things just dont always turn out that way."

Kirloft says, "It is an interesting resource that no one has attempted to tap to my knowledge."

Lenaea nods to Kirloft.

Lenaea waves.