Little Settings for Little Sittings

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Little Settings for Little Sittings
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Little Settings for Little Sittings]
Rich silks dangle loosely from thick and sturdy natural wooden beams that form the frame of the structure. Several of the smaller folks -- Halflings and Gnomes alike -- browse the inventory displayed on the floor. You also see a simple wooden table with an elegant vellum parchment on it, an olive canvas flap, and a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: none.

An elegant vellum parchment reads:
"The sittings here are sold in sets of four (4). 
Our sister merchant, [[Longer Settings for Little Sittings]], features benches, pews, and other larger seating furniture sold in sets of two (2).
Furniture in both of our humble establishments, however, remains intended for our little friends." 

Also see Longer Settings for Little Sittings.

To order, type ORDER.
Item Price Done
1. a plump grey goat chair - (set of 4) 75,000   
2. a soft velvet frog chair - (set of 4) 75,000   
3. a short-legged wooden chair - (set of 4) 25,000   
4. a low bloodwood chair - (set of 4) 50,000   
5. a polished short chair - (set of 4) 25,000   
6. a diminutive oaken chair - (set of 4) 25,000   
7. a pile of small square cushions - (set of 4) 40,000   
8. a pile of olive cushions - (set of 4) 40,000   
9. a minute mahogany stool - (set of 4) 50,000   
10. a teensy modwir stool - (set of 4) 50,000