Linkforge Grotto (2)

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Linkforge Grotto
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Linkforge Grotto]
Set down below ground level, this grotto was dug out of the coral in several levels to allow for the needs and preferences of the amphibious Merelew. This room, where products are shown and purchased, is flooded about knee-deep on a Human. An opening high on the back wall seems to lead to another room, but it's hard to tell. A dark, rippling shadow under the water to one side seems to be a tunnel leading down to a completely submerged area. You also see a coral stand with some stuff on it, some taut netting with some stuff on it, an ivory rack with some stuff on it, a deep shelf with some stuff on it, a coral shelf with some stuff on it, and a sloping passage.
Obvious exits: none.

On the coral stand
Item Price Done
long platinum headpiece sprinkled with green oval seaglass beads 1,000,000   
burnished gold headpiece accented by cascading ocean-blue sapphires 206,250   
darkened steel headpiece encrusted with tortuous black jade spirals 2,500   
polished bronze headpiece edged with dangling topaz beads 6,250   
pale silver headpiece sprinkled with gold-edged alabaster shells 6,250   
On the taut netting
Item Price Done
chain greaves with a wave pattern worked into them in blue steel links 1,250   !!!!
silver chain greaves accented with hammered copper 250,000   !!!!
fine silver chain greaves edged with gold and emerald interlacing 250,000   !!!!
steel chain greaves bordered by onyx-inlaid brass scales 1,875   !!!!
heavy bronze greaves worked to a high polish 1,250   !!!!
On the ivory rack
Item Price Done
polished silver mail shirt 45,937   !!!!
thigh-length silver chain shirt with a scale pattern worked in copper 590,625   !!!!
silver chain shirt worked with gold and emeralds 687,500   !!!!
suit of fine mail 19,375   
heavy bronze hauberk 45,000   No
suit of double ring steel mail with a scale pattern worked in brass links 39,997   
full steel mail shirt with a border of brass scales etched and set with onyx 25,000   !!!!
fine bronze ring mail with the leather dyed sea green 12,743   !!!!
On the deep shelf
Item Price Done
glittering chain coif with a war face worked in brass links 5,625   !!
glittering chain coif with a shark head worked in copper links 4,875   !!!!
glittering chain coif with a wave pattern worked into it in blue steel links 4,875   !!!!
silver chain gloves 1,500   !!!!
polished chain gloves with a wave pattern worked into them in blue steel links 1,868   !!!!
polished chain gloves with shark heads worked into them in copper links 1,750   !!!!
polished chain gloves with clawed hands worked into them in brass links 2,187   
On the coral shelf
Item Price Done
delicate silver mesh headpiece with dangling coral teardrops 23,737   
long silver headpiece swagged with pearls 37,500   
silver mesh cap strung with seashell-shaped glass beads 5,000   
bronze chainmail wristband 5,000   
brass chainmail wristband 5,000   
golden wire mesh veil set with pearls and emeralds 162,500   
golden mesh choker 6,187   No
silver mail belt with dangling clusters of exotic silver coins 14,647   
golden mail belt with dangling gold flowers 11,718