Limb Disruption (2.0)

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Limb Disruption Scroll-only Spell Targeted Magic Spell
Abbreviation: LD
Prerequisites: Energy Manacles
Minimum Prep: Unknown
Casting Cap: Unknown
Valid Spell Target: Others, Critters
Description: An ancient spell that was previously lost for ages, Limb Disruption is a violent form of targeted magic. Death is not easy to achieve since this unstable sorcery can not be directed at vital locations such as the head or chest, but it is highly suited for inflicting devastating amounts of damage to your victim's legs and arms. A perfect spell for anyone wishing to deliver massive pain upon his target, or for those who delight in the tactical advantage of blasting the opponent's feet out from beneath him.
Example Messaging: With a glare, a blazing red light sparkles in his eyes!
A purplish, bruise-colored stream coalesces in the air next to his head, then explodes into fragments of mauve and violet that race toward a fendryad!
The churning wave of colored light slams into its left arm, landing a very heavy hit!


Limb Disruption is a spell from the darkest past, used by sinister Necromancers and Sorcerers in the earliest legends of their horrors. When Elanthians tell their kids scary stories of evil magicians by the campfire, that's thrown in there right next to corpses rising from the ground. Furthermore, Limb Disruption is a spell specifically designed to torment and maim the target while reducing the chance of hitting a vital location; it is a tool of the sadist and a thousand storybook villains. - GM Armifer

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