Lilli's Inscriptions

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Lilli's Inscriptions
Event Jeraya Lanival
Owner Lilli
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Bard shops, Barbarian shops, Thief shops, Warrior Mage shops, Paladin shops, Trader shops, Moon Mage shops, Ranger shops, Empath shops, Cleric shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Lilli's Inscriptions]
Fragrant flowers trail from pots placed on decorative stands in the corners of the tent. Metal shot silk glints as vagrant breezes pass through the thin fabric. The atmosphere here is peaceful and calm and encourages one to relax and enjoy a moment of rest from the frenzy of the outside world. A bead embroidered curtain separates the back of the tent from Lilli's work area. You also see a padded bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
leather weapon strap 937   !!
On the display case
Item Price Done
gilded blue music box 187,500   No
engraved silver music box 250,000   No
dark crimson music box 200,000   No
leaf-green music box 181,250   No
On the display table
Item Price Done
bright gold tail chain ?   No
elegant silver tail bracelet 2,125   No
double-linked copper chain tailband ?   No
braided gold chain necklace ?   No
delicate silver chain necklace ?   No
twisted copper chain necklace ?   No
silver filigree hip chain ?   !!
shimmering multi-stranded gold hip chain ?   No
braided copper chain belt ?   No
brushed gold chain belt ?   No
polished silver chain belt ?   No
fragile silver chain bracelet 2,125   No
delicate gold chain bracelet 2,125   No
heavy copper chain bracelet 2,125   No
burnished copper hip chain ?   No
double-loop gold chain anklet ?   No
slender silver chain anklet ?   No
wire-wrapped copper chain ankle-bracelet ?   No
On the ebony table
Item Price Done
brightly-colored quilted armor ?   !!
plumed cougarskin helm ?   No
beaten brass breastplate ?   No
round shield with a wolf-tail fastened at the center ?   No
pale hide shield ?   No
patterned wickerwork shield ?   No
On the padded counter
Item Price Done
bell-shaped cotton skirt patterned with embroidered butterflies ?   No
ankle-length tunic of soft white linen edged with a colorful geometric border ?   No
softly-pleated blue satin blouse with full draped sleeves ?   No
soft green blouse embroidered with a pattern of leafy vines ?   No
smoothly tailored forest-green shirt ?   No
black silk dress circled about the waist with a delicate golden chain belt ?   No
blue crushed-velvet gown decorated about the neckline with bright silver spangles ?   No
gown of deep crimson silk circled about the hips with a softly draped black sash ?   No
front-laced fitted bodice embroidered with a geometric pattern of tiny coral beads ?   No
On the padded bench
Item Price Done
winking Bard doll 2,125   !!
shifty-eyed Thief doll 2,125   !!
wand-bearing War Mage doll 2,125   !!
noble-looking Paladin doll 2,125   !!
richly-clad Trader doll 2,125   !!
starry-robed Moon Mage doll 2,125   !!
fierce-faced Barbarian doll 2,125   !!
green-clad Ranger doll 2,125   !!
smiling Empath doll 2,125   !!
white-robed Cleric doll 2,125   !!
On the pine table
Item Price Done
twisted yew club ?   No
steel-banded mahogany staff ?   No
ivory-inlaid crossbow ?   !!!!
black wolfskin sling ?   No
leather-thonged bola ?   !!
dark ironwood crossbow ?   No
thin bronze throwing dagger ?   No
copper chain bola ?   No
On the wicker bench
Item Price Done
cougar skin mantle 1,000   No
long wrapped robe fastened with a feather-plumed belt ?   !!
striped hide pants ?   No
long woolen baldric ?   No
ankle-length ahosi skirt ?   No
narrow white fillet ?   No
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
curved mambeli ?   No
deep blue lapis-hilted koummya ?   !!
slender bronze ngalio 12,500   No
heavy-bladed kaskara 125,000   No
polished steel takouba ?   No
coral-inlaid shotel ?   No
engraved iron recade ?   No
ivory-hilted nimsha ?   No
steel-tipped allarh ?   No