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Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You are Garden Seeker Lijarna, Auspex of the Prophets, a Gnome.
You have an oval face and limpid stormy grey eyes. Your platinum hair is very long and fine, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by several wide bronze bands. You have fair skin and a lithe figure.
You are average height for a Gnome.
You are an adult.

You are wearing a dark purple blindfold embroidered with esoteric symbols, a sapphire ear cuff inlaid with tiny silver stars, an intricately engraved niniam necklace with icesteel inlay, an obsidian amulet wrapped in an intricate anlora-avtoma web, a timeworn night-blue cloak adorned with obscure designs in shimmering thread, a gold scarab with amethyst-inset wings, an engraved iron staff crowned with a blue crystal orb, a shimmering glass starburst clutched by an ornate crystal chain, a twisted copper and silver hip-chain interspersed with cambrinth spheres, a polished golden hip-chain set with a large Xibar-blue aevanstone and a pair of formal tooled leather sandals with bright silver clasps.

Treasured Items

Dark purple blindfold embroidered with esoteric symbols: A stark contrast to the deep indigo of the fabric, shimmering silver thread traces all along the length of the blindfold. Beasts both familiar and bizarre dance amongst the constellations of the night sky, shining like the stars as light strikes them. Golden filament has been used to pick out the likeness of a stylized closed eye at various points within the design.

Intricately engraved niniam necklace with icesteel inlay: Thin lines of icesteel trace the detailed and complex series of engravings in the polished niniam necklace. Finely wrought chains dangle down from the front of the necklace, each one holding at its end a tiny shimmering star. The stars are positioned perfectly to form the image of the Scales.

Timeworn night-blue cloak adorned with obscure designs in shimmering thread: Thick wool dyed an intense shade of deep blue is cut to drape generously over the shoulders of its wearer. Amidst the midnight folds of fabric, thick silver thread shimmers out in points of light, creating constellations that coalesce and disperse with every movement of the cloak. Embroidery of recondite symbols and figures of improbable beasts march along the hems of the fabric.

Engraved iron staff crowned with a blue crystal orb: Mistglass-inlaid carvings of beasts and esoteric symbols dance about a trio of thin veins of cambrinth that spiral down the length of the staff. A deceptively fragile-looking tyrium setting securely affixes a large blue crystal orb to the top of the weapon.