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Laurieana Airown
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Zeroe, Villya, Addisyn, Tyoryn


-Joined the Warrior Mage guild after completing her initial studies at Asemath Academy. She graduated at the top of her class, and the next day decided to seek the power of the Elements.

-Was part of the Aesry Dragoons during the Outcast War, serving her felling Rishians in war time.

-Is originally from Ilithi, and is proud to be so. She to this day does not trust the Outcast people after what they had done to her homeland.

-Is currently wandering around, finishing her studies while researching her family.


Villya Airweaver/Drakoni- Sister

Meantermel- Sister (Adopted)

Zeroe Drakoni-Brother in law

Danaerys Drakoni- Neice


Eusscorpious- Daughter/Deceased/

Tikoro- Son/Deceased

Tyorun- Grandson

Addisyn- Daughter

A little bit from the Magess

"I have been a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, and a Hag, all at the same time. Although I have notorious never been a good mother, daughter, sister or wife; I have always been a good Hag."