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Prime Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Gor'tog
Gender: Female
Type: alterer

Kuanika is a private contractor that works on housing exteriors, Trader Owned Caravan exteriors, and Trader shop exteriors.

Caravan and shop exteriors will be special sessions only.


You see Tradesman Kuanika, a Gor'Tog.
She has a softly angular face, crinkled amber eyes and an upturned nose. She has jade skin and a brawny figure.
She is very tall for a Gor'Tog.

She is wearing a sturdy canvas contractor's workbag, a loose cotton work shirt with small stone buttons, a thick toolbelt of darkened leather, some deep blue trousers with a thick leather belt and some sturdy work boots.

Alteration Rules

Housing Exteriors

  • Colors must exist in Elanthia.
  • Rares must be provided. Expect to provide a LOT if you ask for rares.
  • article must be 15 characters or less, including spaces.
Example - a cozy white
  • Adjective must be 15 characters or less, including spaces.
Example - oak framed
  • Nouns must be 15 characters or less, including spaces and may only be one word.
  • Nouns for freestanding must be one of the approved nouns for your home's level and area. (See below.)
  • Knolls may not have their noun changed.
  • Tree-type homes may become tree or treehouse.

Approved Housing Nouns

Free standing homes.

Upper City Mid City Lower City
home home hovel
manor abode hut
domicile dwelling shed
hall house shanty
residence cottage house
house ranch shack
manor split-level lean-to
estate residence grating
manse domicile hatch
mansion habitation tenement
edifice bungalow
townhome townhome
Upper Rural Mid Rural Lower Rural
villa home hut
chataeu cabin hutch
domicile dwelling shed
cabin house bothy
lodge cottage lean-to
retreat farm shelter
ranch ranch shack
estate homestead yurt
bungalow longhouse
barn den
grange outhouse
a-fram pigsty

Door-Type Homes

This section is pending SGM approval.

Housing Exterior Decor

  • Special support exists for birdhouses, windchimes, and bells.
  • Must match the template of "a home/door/tree/knoll" (words).
Example - A cozy white cottage decorated with glowing tzgaa orbs