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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: the Wanderer
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Relatives: Gakoruna (daughter)
Pagtump says, "The stories about Kronag date back, far as anybody can tell, to the earliest days of independent Gor'Tog settlements after the Long Winter."

Pagtump says, "Kronag the Wanderer, as the stories go, was a Tog who took to the freedom we experienced after being cast out by the S'Kra slave-masters, with what you might call exceptional zeal."

Pagtump says, "While most Togs were happy to search for a new home to settle down in, Kronag earned his epithet by staying always on the move. They say he never slept two nights in the same spot in the rest of his life, after he was free."

Pagtump says, "Mind you, some stories also say he was tall enough to reach the clouds or that he carved out the Liirewsag river while dragging his toe along the ground when he stumbled over the Himineldar Mountains."

Pagtump says, "What I'm saying is that some of the stories may not be completely factual."

Pagtump says, "But what is for sure is that phrases like, "iirka supa Kronag," -- that is, "happy like Kronag," have become bywords among Togs."

Pagtump says, "In this case, a reference to a Tog living the ideal life: Uncomplicated, contented, with nobody to stop them doing the work they enjoy doing."

Pagtump says, "Now what Kronag most liked to do, in addition to the wandering, was felling trees."

Pagtump says, "He wasn't so much concerned with turning them into lumber afterward, as seems to be so popular lately, just the chopping them down."

Pagtump says, "Most of the stories about him agree that Kronag first came to fame by clearing out space in the forests for some of the earliest Tog settlements. He helped his fellow Togs by cutting down the trees and leaving them behind for use in building."