Knightly Attire (1)

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Knightly Attire
Event Hollow Eve Festival 406
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Knightly Attire, Manly Adornments]
Black and white marble is set in a checkerboard pattern across the walls, ceiling and floor of this space, each square outlined in silvery metal. Right angled counters sit in opposite corners, their surfaces polished smooth. In the center of the room is a perfectly round marble stand. You also see a smooth black marble door.
Obvious exits: east, south.

On the marble stand
Item Price Done
curvilinear animite cufflinks 135,300   No
oravir cresting wave cufflinks 90,200   No
carved ash cufflinks inset with ivory 45,100   
cubed orichalcum cufflinks 225,500   No
faceted haze sapphire cufflinks 225,500   No
onyx cabochon cufflinks encircled by covellite 112,750   No
stylized snake head cufflinks rendered in emerald 54,120   
filigreed bronze cufflinks set with marquise-cut rubies 40,590   No
On the silvery counter
Item Price Done
aubergine satin top hat 4,510   !!
vermillion suede top hat 4,510   No
stormy blue top hat trimmed in silver silk 4,510   No
felted brown wool top hat 9,020   No
fine matte-white top hat 4,510   No
emerald green top hat accented with peacock feathers at the band 9,020   No
narrow ebon silk top hat 7,216   No
smoky wool top hat banded in crimson 5,412   !!
On the smooth counter
Item Price Done
sepia-toned cravat with a sinuous adderwood pin 36,080   
pristine white jacquard cravat held with an ivory bar 36,080   No
silken black cravat pinned with cloud rubies set in silver 171,380   No
eolienne cravat accented with an oravir stickpin 171,380   No
swirled blue and grey cravat pinned with a large haze sapphire 180,400   
lush viridian cravat pinned with a trilliant cut night diamond 198,440   
fiery silken cravat embroidered with bronze whorls 36,080   No
simple grey turbaurs cravat 180,400   No

[Knightly Attire, Top and Bottom]
Smooth oak paneling creates seemingly seamless walls and arches across the ceiling in a gentle curve. Onyx flooring spreads from wall to wall in an endless pattern of squares, each fit perfectly next to its neighbors. A single padded counter stretches from the floor, mirrored on the other side of the room by a short stand and a heavy rack.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the heavy rack
Item Price Done
thick ebon leather boots top-stitched with steelsilk 45,100   No
cuffed suede boots with hard leather soles 18,040   No
tall ebony side-strapped boots 7,216   No
white leather knee boots held tight by heavy buckled straps 22,550   No
indigo leather boots with lapis-tipped laces 40,590   No
pair of glossy blue-green boots laced with emerald cording 67,650   No
On the short stand
Item Price Done
covellite cane tipped in brass 23,452   No
slender oravir cane with an aquamarine-studded grip 135,300   No
rowan cane topped with a curling bronze flame 31,570   No
smooth anlora-avtoma cane inset with scrimshaw panels 225,500   No
intricately carved adderwood cane 72,160   No
white ironwood cane with a curving handle of smoke-hued marble 22,550   
twisted deobar cane capped with a smooth glaes sphere 23,452   No
On the padded counter
Item Price Done
monocle framed in etched covellite 27,060   No
ovular brass-framed monocle 9,020   No
oravir-framed monocle 135,300   No
thick kertig-framed monocle 270,600   No
monocle framed in polished anlora-avtoma 270,600   No
square animite-framed monocle 180,400   No
orichalcum-framed monocle 225,500   No
gold-framed monocle bearing a long chain of onyx bead work 45,100   No
silver-framed monocle fettered with a cloud ruby studded chain 189,420   No

[Knightly Attire, Just For Dashing]
Pine panels cover two of the walls, while deeply colored oak spreads across the other two. The mix of woods meets on the ceiling, leaving room for a line of onyx that stretches horizontally from one corner to another. Unpolished black stone makes for a slightly rough floor that holds a table on its center. A set of three mismatched shelves add to the room decor, placed across the walls with care to the design.
Obvious exits: south, west.

On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
decorative silver pocket-chain suspending a squared niello fob 54,120   
decorative covellite pocket-chain suspending a brass-edged fob 58,630   No
slender decorative pocket-chain suspending an ivory fob 27,060   No
decorative anlora-avtoma pocket-chain suspending a broken wand-shaped fob 225,500   No
decorative animite pocket-chain suspending a stylized goblin fob 180,400   No
decorative golden pocket-chain suspending an enameled fob 63,140   No
decorative brass pocket-chain suspending a belled fob 18,040   No
decorative electrum pocket-chain suspending a jagged key-shaped fob 135,300   No
decorative blued steel pocket-chain suspending a crossed-sword fob 45,100   No
On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
wide decorative pocket-chain suspending a cloud ruby fob 243,540   No
decorative orichalcum pocket-chain suspending a rune-carved fob 252,560   
decorative oravir pocket-chain suspending an insectoid fob 90,200   No
decorative bronze pocket-chain suspending a carved flame fob 18,040   No
decorative platinum pocket-chain suspending a wyvern-shaped fob 135,300   No
decorative kertig pocket-chain suspending an anvil-shaped fob 270,600   
decorative blued steel pocket-chain suspending a crossed-sword fob 90,200   No
seven stranded decorative pocket-chain suspending an emerald fob 27,060   
On the stone shelf
Item Price Done
sinuous decorative pocket-chain suspending an adderwood fob 63,140   
decorative pocket-chain suspending a shrike's eye sapphire fob 261,580   No
box-linked decorative pocket-chain suspending a pitch pearl fob 266,090   No
spiraled decorative pocket-chain suspending an amethyst fob 22,550   No
narrow decorative pocket-chain suspending an onyx fob 27,060   No
triple stranded decorative pocket-chain suspending a peacock topaz fob 180,400   
square-linked decorative pocket-chain suspending a night diamond fob 225,500   
long decorative pocket-chain suspending a haze sapphire fob 270,600   No
On the onyx table
Item Price Done
pair of heavy-woven steelsilk trousers 180,400   No
snowy marbrinus trousers veined with silver 180,400   No
snug armure pants adorned with onyx rivets down each leg 108,240   No
tailored gemfire velvet pants edged in silver 631,400   No
crisp Velakan linen pants trimmed with tiny gold chains along the cuffs 451,000   No
pair of trousers with heavy goldwork embroidery across the flat-paneled waist 180,400   No
pale brushed suede riding breeches embellished with ivory seam-toggles 180,400   
pair of cashmere pants fettered by a series of peacock topaz buttons 180,400   No
charcoal trousers with ornately whip-stitched edging 180,400   No

[Knightly Attire, Gentlemanly Coverings]
Lightly washed pine has been used to create the framework of this room, making a space for the mosaic of blue and green rocks that cover the walls. Both the ceiling and floor appear have been covered with a single sheet of white marble. Three racks sit in the area, perfectly spaced from each other.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the white rack
Item Price Done
purple marbrinus shirt with bloused sleeves 9,020   
split-necked shirt of tawny eolienne 541,200   No
billowing viridian silk shirt pinned at the throat with a kertig rod 72,160   No
ruffled shirt of puce silk trimmed in voile 18,040   No
celestial blue shirt with niveous lace at the neckline 54,120   
fitted rosecloth shirt in dappled shades of grey 541,200   No
coal black spidersilk shirt with a high embroidered collar 45,100   
notch-collared alabaster spidersilk shirt 27,060   
On the green rack
Item Price Done
blackberry brocade frock coat held by animite shards 58,630   No
broadcloth frock coat held by burnished covellite buttons 90,200   No
wide-collared zibeline overcoat trimmed in fox fur 126,280   No
heavy fog-grey wool overcoat fettered with haze sapphires 130,790   No
orichalcum-buttoned greatcoat of cobalt twill lined in scarlet 135,300   No
dark silk tailcoat edged in sanguine gemfire velvet 90,200   
military style gold and green tailcoat with ebon epaulettes 36,080   
On the blue rack
Item Price Done
charcoal grey waistcoat with amethyst buttons 72,160   No
platinum jacquard waistcoat with rows of dragon's blood ruby buttons 135,300   No
grey waistcoat of silver-buttoned silk 45,100   No
white linen waistcoat with winding ironwood closures 31,570   No
multihued jacquard waistcoat swept with caviar beading 18,040   No
sapphire zerarin wool waistcoat adorned with animite chains 360,800   No