Klurn Odarien Memorial Togball Tournament

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Klurn Odarien Memorial Togball Tournament

The Klurn Odarien Memorial Togball Tournament is the first Togball Tournament of this Klurn Memorial Event, that will repeat every 4 Elanthian years.

Entrants of all races are coming from all provinces within Elanthia to compete for prizes, and most importantly, the prestige of holding the Togball Team Champions title. However, Gor'Togs will clearly have the advantage in this sporting environment, so it is to each team's advantage to have as many members as possible be Gor'Togs. Orders entering as teams are allowed to recruit any non-order member as a team member.

As in any legitimate Togball Tournament, Referees and Officiates MUST be Paladins of any race. If fouls are committed on the field of play, they will cast the Halt spell to keep problems from erupting. They are also charged with keeping spectators from entering the field.

The object of TogBall is to carry a live ball across the goal line. This is known in the vernacular as "scoring a point." Whichever team has scored more points at the end of a pre-determined length of time (usually two quarters, each quarter being 15 roisen long, with a half time break) is declared the winner of the match. If neither side has scored a point before the clock runs out, play continues in overtime until one side scores a point, or another quarter (15 roisen) is played. If neither team has scored after three quarters, then roshambo between team captains will determine the winner of that match.

  • Date: TBA
  • Time:
  • Location: Tiger Clan, Togball Field
  • Host:

The Field

  • The field measures 100 feet wide by 150 feet long. The goals are at either end of the field, and are spaced 25 feet apart. Tall posts are driven into the ground, although natural formations such as trees and standing stones may also be used. It is common for some posts to be considered sacred objects by teams, and they will carry them from field to field as they travel. Seeing gore-splattered posts at either end of a field is a sure sign that the team has defended its Blood Zone often.

  • Extending 20 feet out from the goal posts is what is known as the Blood Zone. The Head-Splitter is allowed to use any and all means, short of fatal injury, to keep the ball from going between the posts. It is the Splitter's job, once control of the ball has been gained, to carry it to the edge of the Blood Zone. Once there, it is customary for the ball to be either passed, punted or thrown to a team-mate.

Rules, Fouls, Team Requirements, Results & Prizes


  • No spells or magic of any kind are allowed to be in effect. (This is to avoid arguing or constantly checking Elanthipedia to determine which spells might affect the outcome.)
  • No stat or skill buffs are allowed. This means all spells and special abilities, which includes weight-reducing spells, Empathic links, constellation jewelry, or any other buff deemed unallowable because it changes stats or skills.
  • Togballs will be provided, and replacing the 'official' Togball in use will be an automatic disqualification of the entire team. Only a Referee can replace the togball in use.
  • An automatic forfeit of a point to the opposing team will result for the team of any Togball Player abusing, crippling, squeezing, hitting, punching, slamming or causing intentional harm to any Togball in play. Some of the Togballs being provided were gifts to Gwenddolyn by Klurn, and this will be viewed as inappropriate and unsportsmanship like behavior. They should be carried like a baby and should be passed carefully between team members. In short, protect the Togball.
  • Togball players are allowed to use small blunt or stave weapons such as nightsticks, against their opponents. However, ranged, 2-handed, thrown or bladed weapons are not allowed and will result in a personal foul against the person using the wrong weapon. Three personal fouls from any one team member will result in expulsion from the game being played during the third foul. If a fourth personal foul occurs during a later game, they will be expelled from any remaining games in this Tournament series.
  • The first team to possess the ball will be determined by one of two methods. One method is by an official tossing a dira with team captains calling heads or tails before it lands, or the other method is by team captains using roshambo. The winning team captain will name what member of the team will start with possession of the ball. The head official will choose what method is to be used. The same method will be used in all matches for the session.
  • Cheating will be an automatic disqualification of the entire team. In the instance of magic, the result will be against the caster's team as an automatic forfeit, even after a tournament has begun.
  • A point is scored when a ball is successfully carried alive between the posts by any Togball Player except for the Splitter.
  • A team may not enter the opposing team's Blood Zone unless the ball is first carried into it by one of their players.
  • Head-Splitters may not leave their own Blood Zone.
  • It is illegal for Togball Players to assault spectators, even for throwing food.
  • If a Togball Player is injured or killed while on the field of play, replacements may not enter the field until the body is rolled, kicked, dragged or carried off the field by the Player's team.
  • Spectator participation is limited to throwing food at active players, and NOT at Officials or Referees. Spectators are not allowed to use weapons of any kind or magic against any Togball or Team Member, which will result in the stop of gameplay for poor sportsmanship.
  • No spectator is allowed on the field at any time. If you want to watch from within the game room, then don't ruin the event.


  • Failure to comply with any of the given rules results in a foul being assessed to the offending team. The opposing team receives the ball at mid-field, and is allowed one play to enter the opposing team's Blood Zone without interference. Once in the Zone, anything goes.
  • If the ball loses consciousness while being carried, it is considered a foul, with a new ball being brought into play by the opposing team.
  • If the ball dies while in play, before being carried through the posts, a foul is called with point being given to the opposing team.
  • If the ball dies while being carried through the posts, it is not considered a foul, but the point is not awarded. This supercedes the above rule regarding balls dying while in play.

Team Registration Requirements:

  • Each Team Captain must register their team name and roster with XXXXXXXX by XXXXXX, 11:59 pm to participate in this event.
  • Teams must consist of: No less than 6 members: 1 goal-keeper called a Head-Splitter, 2 defensive blockers called Maulers, 3 forwards called Stompers, and 3 allowable alternate replacements of the above, making the maximum total of 9 team members. Team Captains can be acting Team Managers, and are not required to be on the Roster, but must make all decisions for the entire team, even if the roster members disagree.
  • Roster changes will not be allowed after they have been submitted. If someone on a team doesn't show up at the event, they cannot be replaced unless they are already listed on the roster as 1 of 3 allowable alternates, no exceptions. This will prevent issues with stealing another team's roster members during the event.

Official TogBall teams consist of nine players, six of which may be allowed on the field at any given time. Of the six allowed on the field, one is the goal-keeper called a Head-Splitter, two are defensive blockers called Maulers, with the other three being forwards called Stompers. The three remaining members are replacements, able to move anywhere along the perimeter of the field without actually crossing the boundaries marking the field.

Replacement of injured players is quite simple: the injured player must make it to the sidelines under his or her own power. If the player is unable to do so, either from grievous injuries or death, he or she must be carried off the field by active players. Only then may a replacement enter the field of play. Note that there is no particular side of the field from which the new player is required to enter from.

Head Official -

On Field Officials - TBD

Triage Empaths: TBD

Triage Clerics:

Team Name; Roster Member Names-Position

Team #1:

Team #2:

Team #3:

Team #4:

Tournament Team #1 Team #2 Winner Prize!
Qualifier #1 TBD TBD TBD Semi
Qualifier #2 TBD TBD TBD Semi
Qualifier #3 TBD TBD TBD Semi
Qualifier #4 TBD TBD TBD Semi
Semi-final #1 TBD TBD TBD Final
Semi-Final #2 TBD TBD TBD Final
Final Tournament TBD TBD TBD TBD
Action Points or Penalty
Touchdown 1 point
Harming/Killing Togball 1 point to opposing team
Too many on the field Turnover Togball to opposing team midfield, free entry of blood zone
Headsplitter leaving Blood Zone 1 personal foul
3 personal fouls Expulsion from game; alternate allowed to join team on field
Use of Magic or Cheating Forfeit-Instant Victory for opposing team