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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime
Relatives Jadyce, Miranza, Maisy, Darknem, Ellysia

Present Day

Kattera is a devout Paladin who has recently awakened from a magic induced nap; one that spanned several decades. She currently spends most of her time in or near Crossing, and consults daily with Verika who is helping her regain her stamina, and remember the extensive training she received as a squire under Guild Leader Beren. She often spends time with her daughters Jadyce and Miranza, and is meeting new friends daily. She has a small home just off a sandy path near the strand and is the proud owner of a new puppy!


Advocate Kattera Richleigh of Elanthia, a Human. She has laugh lines, gold-flecked violet eyes, a button nose and dimples. Her platinum-streaked golden hair is very long and thick, and is worn braided. She has fair skin and a shapely figure. She is tiny for a Human. She appears to be in her prime.

She is wearing a great helm crafted from tempered plates, a lumium tower shield, some lumium heavy plate gauntlets, some lumium full plate, a pilgrim's badge, some fine blood-red ruby teardrop earrings, a burnished ruby amulet surrounded by a ring of polished bronze, a heavy night-blue baladrana with silver embroidery trim, a deep blue woolen jacket fastened with carved rowan buttons bearing an embroidered Bards' Guild badge on one sleeve, an egg-shell white linen chemise with full sleeves, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a fragile black diamond rose, a black spidersilk weapons harness clasped with a burnished gold star, a deep blue pack embroidered with the likeness of a black crow with bloodstone eyes, a tight leather bodice accented with silvery embroidery, a twisted cambrinth armband, a blood-red cotton bracelet, a curved skinning blade with an antler hilt, an albredine crystal ring, a jangling golden hip-chain set with carved ivory roses, a black leather hand-tooled highwayman's belt, a sunstone lockpick ring, an azure hip pouch with the image of cresting waves picked out in crystal beading, a dark gem pouch, some snug leggings of scarlet leather belted with a gypsy scarf, a series of thin cloisonne anklets in a variety of bright hues and a pair of leather thigh boots fastened with ruby and silver buckles.

Family History

Kattera's family is very old, with deep roots in the ways of Knighthood and service to others. Her father, Thomas Richleigh XI, was actively involved with the original Paladin Council and counted Dreldan, under whom he served, among his closest friends.

From her birth, Kattera was destined to serve the people and Drelden promised to see her trained in the ways of Honor and Justice, however he retired before she was ready to begin her Squireship. Honoring the promise, Kattera was offered a commission to serve under Beren, the man who took the reigns of the newly completed Crossing Paladin Guild. Her time with Beren was life-changing, and she was devastated to learn of his re-assignment and ultimate replacement by Darius.

Kattera served under Darius faithfully, but stayed in contact with Beren, until one day he was reported missing. She took a leave of absence from her post, striking out to find her mentor, and to visit her homelands. It was nearly time for her to take the reigns for her father in the yearly homeland festivities. Along the way, she fell under the spell of a dark mage and was placed in a state of perpetual sleep, but that is the stuff of an entirely new story.

The following is an excerpt from the journal her family keeps on the fireside table in the great room of their home.

      JERAYA NEMMIRO TREKHALO - An Introduction - by Kattera Richleigh
      Dear Friends,
      For those of you new to the family, and our honored guests, this introduction will allow you to understand what usually    
      comprises a good bit of the conversation held around this table.  We welcome you to our home.
      Long steeped in tradition, the Richleigh family has also long embraced the vurtue of humility.  The philosophy that, to     
      lead, one must also serve, has been strongly ingrained in every generation from our ancestor Thomas Richleigh I to present 
      day.  In order that we put this philosophy into practice, we celebrate "Jeraya Nemmiro Trekhalo" the "Festival of   
      the Chieftain Descending".  Dating back to pre-Lanival times the Chieftain, or Guild Leader, as has been our 
      patriarch's duty for centuries, takes on the role of commoner, serving those who serve him.  
      For seven days every year, our home is turned into a center of hospitality and service.  Banquet tables are laden with food, 
      my father and mother, myself and my brothers, sisters, cousins and their families don aprons and serve meals to all who 
      attend and deliver cartfuls of food and supplies to the infirm.
      The finest musicians, storytellers and artisans are gathered from around Elanthia to entertain young and old alike.  
      Demonstrations of new weapons and tools are given, and participants in contests of skill are richly rewarded.  Free 
      weapon, armor and tool repair is also offered.  New clothing and supplies are handed out to all.
      The family spends most of the year planning for this event and this journal is kept so that as the years festivities begin 
      to take shape, notes can be kept and ideas shared among the family members who often visit from distant parts of the 
      world.  As you read this journal you will see our thoughts on the upcoming events, and you are more than welcome to place 
      your own thoughts upon its weathered pages.  
      As you will see by the reference in the back of the journal, past festivals, dating back to the very first one, are kept 
      under lock and key in our family library.  You have only to ask, to be able to review this valuable part of our heritage.
      With Honor and Respect,


Family Home

[H'Ensha L'Athor - Grand Entrance] You see before you, held in the warm embrace of the white cliffs, an awe inspiring sight. Rising powerfully toward the azure heavens, an ancient stronghold, battlements long silenced and grayed with age, stands regally among the windswept pines. H'Ensha L'Athor, the beloved home of the Richleigh family, continues its silent vigil as the gracious guardian over a breathtaking crystal sea. Clusters of weeping jadsem and dwarf pine line the pathway in front of the main entrance. A giant carved mahogany door looms in front of you. You also see a fountain and a rose garden.

[H'Ensha L'Athor - Great Room] This is a magnificent room. Fully three stories high, the west, northwest and southwest walls are set with large crystal paned windows, streaming rays of a golden sunset, illuminating the room. On the northwest side a pair of etched glass doors lead to a cliffside patio overlooking the ocean. A massive freestanding stone fireplace blazes invitingly. The large diamond oak mantlepiece is a showcase for many Richleigh family treasures. Though sparsely furnished, large overstuffed chairs and benches are placed about the fireplace and in front of the windows. The beautiful inlaid stone floor is dotted with sumptuous fur throws. You also see a carved wooden staircase and an ironwood table.

[H'Ensha L'Athor - Patio] You step onto a white stone patio, still radiating the sun's energy and creating a cloak of warmth all about you, despite the cool afternoon breeze. The patio extends several yards out toward the edge of the rocky cliff. Sturdy stone walls and metal railings afford you a sense of security as you take in the breathtaking view. Several comfortable looking chairs and matching tables line the patio, arranged among colorful pots of flowers and ornamental trees. A large stone firepit and a simple set of steps leading up to a small landing pique your curiosity. You also see an etched glass door leading into the Great Room.

[H'Ensha L'Athor - Loft] You go through a narrow doorway and find yourself standing on a sumptuous carpet of snowbeast fur. Massive beams of multihued wood support the loft and continue the motif all the way to the hexagonal skylight in the ceiling. The great stone chimney affords the use of a fireplace here as well. On either side of the fireplace, large bookshelves hold just a small portion of the expansive Richleigh library, making this a favorite place for the family to read. The windows extend floor to ceiling and offer a dramatic view of the crystaline ocean beyond. Large comfortable chairs are placed in front of the fire and near the windows. A telescope and an oak stand with a large book on it find their place in front of the western window. You also see a narrow door and a beautifully crafted staircase.