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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


Kattena Krigara, a Human.
She has thick-lashed green eyes. Her red-gold-streaked auburn hair is long and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a platinum haircomb. She has fair skin and a slender figure.
She is tall for a Human.

She is wearing some diamond teardrops, a wide diamond collar, a teal mistsilk cloak with grey leather ties, a snug grey mistsilk bandeau wrapped around the chest, a trillion cut diamond and platinum ring, a tiny silvery-blue pouch with jade green embroidery, a flowing teal mistsilk skirt overlaid with pale silver lace and some high-heeled grey mistsilk slippers.

A Lady's Story, Paladin's Glory

Night falls bringing relief from the summer heat, as the moons trek across the star speckled sky. Strings of gaethzen orbs weave between the branches of towering trees, casting a soft glow on the forest floor below. Lengths of filmy grey mistsilk are draped across sturdy tables set in a half circle amongst the trees, cascading bouquets of rich champagne Lion's Mane irises and exquisite teal roses fill polished vases of hammered silver serving as centerpieces. An arch woven from olive branches serves as a backdrop for a small podium bearing the crest of the Paladin guild. A gentle breeze coaxes a melody from crystal chimes greeting guests as they arrive.

As men and women filter in from all directions, an Elven Trader whispers a greeting and directs them to tables. Disgruntled looking hirelings carry trays of appetizers and glasses of wine, their furrowed brows and muttered complaints lost in the din of quiet conversation.

A raven haired Elven woman slips into a seat next to an armored Paladin, batting him with his ponytail before giving the Trader a slight nod.

"My benefactor tells me they are close," the Trader announces softly. "Please quiet down, we don't want her running off before she even gets here."

A few stifled giggles roll through the group as they fall silent, only the soft chimes and distant chirping of grasshoppers disturbing the peace.

"Come on! Keep up," a male voice exclaims, breaking the silence. "I thought you said you were practicing!"

"You kicked me! Twice! Be grateful I haven't caught you yet!"

"Look, it is getting light, that is how slow you are!"

Laughing, Maltris bounds into the circle of tables. Ducking behind the Paladin he gasps, "Don't forget you said you would protect me, Brother."

"No one told you to abuse her to get her here, you might be on your own," Samsaren replies with an amused chuckle.

"What the he..." Kattena's voice trail off as breaks through the trees, standing bewildered at the edge of the gathering. Glaring over the heads of the people seated around her, she centers her gaze on the laughing Ranger.

"Katt!" Breaking her concentration an auburned haired Elf races up to her and pulls her into a tight hug, just before she is able to complete her spell. Grinning playfully, Synamon pulls her toward the table to the right of podium. "Come on, you will love this, I promise."

"Some how, I don't think I will," Kattena mutters, chuckling in spite of herself. Settling into the high backed chair she looks around, realizing the smiling faces that surround her are those of her dearest friends. Not sure if she should be angry or impressed she settles on confused and glares at Maltris who ducks his head to hide his laughter.

Stepping up to the podium, Synamon pointedly ignores Kattena's muttered protests and turns to address the audience. "Hi. I am Synamon," she says with a giggle. "You all pretty much know that. You also know that we are here to talk about Kattena, but she does not know that so I am explaining so that she is caught up with the rest of us.

"Whenever someone asks Katt about herself she fidgets and pretends like they didn't ask. She told me that she never really does interesting things, but that seems like the opposite of true, and not super Paladin-like. So, we all kind of decided that we should tell her about all the great things that she is, and trick her in to coming because she would not come other wise."

A ripple of laughter passes over the group as Synamon bounces just outside of Kattena's reach and plops into the chair next to Uthgaar who kisses her nose and then rises and walks to the podium.

"She made me," he says, pointing at his wife when he sees Kattena's glare. "Paladins are boring, but Katt is not, she is a decent rock collector, but her cackling needs work."

With an enigmatic grunt he saunters back to his seat, snagging a cookie off every table he passes.

A balding human Paladin approaches the podium, bleary eyes and whiskey breath betraying his more common activities. Kattena's eyes widen as she recognizes her old friend, her breath catching as Zozuskar begins to speak.

"Kattena entered the Paladin guild when she was very young, it was a long time ago. Like many Paladins she became a squire, Katt was lucky enough to squire for Glemm," brow furrowing he squints off into the distance for a moment before giving a little nod. "Luck can be good or bad so it all just depends on your interpretation. She served as the official group squire for the illustrious Hunting Team Gryphon, that included Glemm, Silus and myself. She became the barker and prize holder for the Widows and Orphans spar nights in front of the Crossing bank."

Opening his longcoat, Zozuskar pulls out an engraved flask and takes a long pull. "Glemm's ideals of paladinhood influenced Kattena's adherance to guild standards. The code is a guide but a Paladin does not have to be noble and reverent stuffed into shining armor with a side of shield. I am not always sure that those ideals have served her well, but she is a credit to the guild and they are lucky she chose to be counted among them."

Stepping back from the podium he take a long drink from the flask and then raises it in salute to a blushing Kattena. He turns to walk back to his seat but the motion sets his head spinning and his eyes roll back as he drops to the ground, a drunken pile of armor and man. Attendants rush over and drag him to the nearest tree and prop him up against it.

"Empath?" One of the attendants calls, glancing at a giggling Synamon.

"I can't heal drunk," she responds with a grin. "Just put his flask by him so he is not worried when he wakes up."

Striding up to the podium a Prydaen Cleric chuckles, avoiding Kattena's gaze. "Being in Ilithi with Kattena is a time I look back upon fondly," Liurilas begins. "As part of the Shard militia she was excellent in a fight, and an even better friend. A favorite story is one about a group training exercise, Leilond was the target and the militia set off to hunt him...

"You are not going to tell that story," Kattena exclaims.

"Of course, I am," Liurilas responds with a chuckle, refusing to make eye contact with the muttering Paladin. "The group had cornered Leilond and was moving in for the kill. They managed to halt him and at the first stun, Kattena, ever the Paladin, leapt in front of him and the entire group attacked her!"

"I was protecting," Kattena mutters in protest.

"That you were," Liurilas says, stepping back from the podium and heading back to his seat.

Silence falls on the group, people begin to shift in their seats and glance at one another. After what seems like an eternity the Elven Trader crosses the circle and nudges Synamon, clearing her throat pointedly.

Gasping, Synamon leaps from her chair and rushes up to the podium, blushing furiously. "Sorry Zaherli, I forgot it was my turn."

"Hi Katt," she says with a little wave, "umm, again."

Kattena laughs and shakes her head, before settling back in her chair, not sure if she should be dreading what was coming next or not.

"Uthgaar moved to Shard," Synamon begins, "and I am not big on change or new places but since I am big on him, I kind of had to follow. My sister and I were pretty new to the area and trying to figure out things out. We were also plotting world domination in the form of a Gnarmy."

Uncomfortable laughter rolls across the group as she continues. "A Gnarmy is an army of Gnomes, for anyone that is confused. We had a big box that we would kind of bribe people to get in, then we could take that box and put it in strategic locations and when the time was right, the Gnarmy could burst forth from the box and murderface willy nilly!"

Striking a heroic pose Synamon waits for the audience to fully appreciate the brilliance of the plan, people new to the story sat in horrified silence, those that knew what was coming next laughed uncomfortably. "Anyway, we kept kind of losing Gnomes, not just escaping but some didn't ever make it out of the box. We were trying to figure out what was going wrong, because the plan was brilliant, and Kattena stopped us. She let us explain the entire problem without even yelling. Then she solved it! She is noble and strong and smart, but more importantly she is an amazing friend and that is my favorite thing about her."

Snapping her fingers, Synamon turns and grins at Kattena. She bounces away from the podium and back to her seat, leaving the audience to stare after her.

"Air holes," Kattena says with a chuckle. "They forgot to put air holes in the box."

Etherian slips up behind the podium quietly. The Ranger shifts his weight and fidgets for a moment, obviously not the most comfortable in front of an audience. "Kattena and I have been," pausing for a moment he motions distractedly before continuing, "She has been my closest friend and she is far more than a lady in armor, when she actually wears armor."

Kattena grins and smooths her mistsilk skirt, nodding at her friend as he continues, "Once, Viggu was invading Riverhaven, she and I were defending the East gate and holding our own pretty well. She gweths an invitation to other defenders to come to help, mentioning that we were not really organizing so much as just slaughtering his minions. Moments later Viggu charges in, not thrilled we were dealing his troops so much damage and before we knew it he had us. The dangers of announcing you are slaughtering invaders."

Turning to step away from the podium, Etherian pauses for a moment before adding one last thing. "In a fight, she is formidable, not the classic armor clad Paladin you would expect. She is better, she battles not only with a weapon and shield, but also with her heart. Her modesty would tell you she merely does what she must, but weapon is only as good as the person who wields it. Katt's greatest weapon is not necessarily a blade."

Kattena looks away as the Ranger returns to his seat, suddenly she feels something cold and wet in her hand, glancing down she realizes she is holding a wine soaked rat! Jumping up from her seat she gasps and glares at Sendithu who stands behind the podium, one eyebrow raised in mock surprise.

"A delicacy," the raven haired Elf says, flashing a crooked grin. "They are your favorite, right?"

"Sure," Kattena says with a laugh, handing the rat off to a Prydaen attendant. "Definitely my favorite."

"Once, Kattena dared me to kill her," Sendithu says twirling a diamondique lockpick between her fingers. "It was not so much of a dare, more that she said I would not travel to do it."

"You did," Kattena says, shaking her head. "All the way to the islands."

Giving a half hearted shrug Sendithu nods. "Kattena is a human, so she has to be forgiven for some things, but she is pretty, and good in a fight and she is loyal."

Pausing for a moment Sendithu casts a side long glance at Kattena, with a wry smile she says, "She should think about settling down soon, though, if she wants children. She is not getting any younger."

Kattena snorts and chokes on her wine, her face turning bright red as Sendithu leaves the podium. "I...uh...settle..."

"It's okay," Samsaren says with a smile as he approaches the podium. "She tends to leave people speechless."

"Kattena's battles with the Ice Road are almost legendary," the imposing Paladin says, casually ducking the wine glass hurled at his head. "But she is steady, and forthright, and honest. She cracks the Paladin mold, by being exactly who she is. She has been part of militias and orders, but she has always been truest to those she considers friends. We served together in Ilithi, and she always has stood out as a strong leader, with her own direction."

Kattena's smile turns to a glare as Samsaren adds, "She is clearly too intelligent and charming for my brother, which explains why he is so smitten."

Chuckling, Maltris shoves at Samsaren as he passes him. He steps up to the podium as if to begin speaking but stops and instead dashes over to Kattena's table and kicks her solidly in the shin. Doubling over with laughter he stumbles back toward the podium as she lowers he gaze and mutters a spell, halting him in his tracks.

"Hey!" Maltris exclaims, as the spell fades.

"You kicked me," Kattena retorts.

"You are slow," the Ranger replies with a grin. Facing the audience he stifles a laugh and begins to speak. "I didn't know Kattena was a Paladin, I thought she was just a really bad Ranger. So, you will all have to forgive me for not really being prepared. I was expecting an intervention with insults and wine, not this."

Motioning to the the people gathered Maltris rolls his eyes. "Katt is excellent with a shield, a mediocre locksmith, an incredible friend and some one it is an honor to spend time with, even if she is horrifically slow and tends to almost drown."

A wave of laughter rolls through the people gathered as Maltris dashes from the podium and ducks down behind a table. Kattena tries to hold a scowl as her shoulders begin to shake, betraying her laughter.

Slipping back behind the podium, Synamon grins at the laughing Paladin. "As you can see, there are many things about you that we all recognize as being great. So next time, some one asks you about yourself, you can tell them any of the things we all know to be true summed up in a simple phrase. You are Kattena, you are great, and you are loved."

Kattena Vs. the Construct, Fight Like a Girl - by Samsaren (the player of)

The hulking, oozing humanoid construction of dirt and muck lunges forward towards the human Paladin, expressionless yet with an air of malevolence. Quickly raising her shield, the auburn haired human calls out “I know you’re there, Necromancer! Show yourself and let us end this.”

The shadows deign to respond as the construct continues to smash its over sized fists at the Paladin. Unseen, arcane magic pools before invisible blades strike forth towards the Paladin’s unprotected back. Alerted to the danger at the last moment, Kattena turns aside from the unseen blow, reinforced damite armor briefly fading into view as the enchantment which hides it contends with the incoming violence.

The blades screech along the Paladin’s armor, causing no damage save the noise. Reacting quickly, Kattena summons holy power gesturing towards the shadows. A hammer of purest light coalesces before her, streaking out to slam heavily into the chest of a hidden human before exploding, sending the Necromancer reeling. Bracing against her shield, Kattena shoves the construct back heavily before moving towards the fallen Necromancer.

Recovering quickly the human scrambles undignified to his feet. Glancing quickly at the intense expression on the Paladins brow he hurls himself into the brush, his invisibility spell reforming. “Not today Paladin!” he cries, as he beats feet towards relative safety.

With a sigh, Kattena turns back to the mindless Construct, once again advancing in her direction. “At least take your trash with you..” she mutters under her breath before turning towards the beast. Murmuring a quiet prayer, golden light shines forth from her upraised shield, crashing down upon the construct smashing it to bits.

Sighing softly, the human adjusts her skirt carefully after cleaning her hands on a cloth. Gazing around the battlefield she shakes her head. “If it’s not my shins being abused it’s this nonsense..” Chuckling softly to herself she heads off towards the city, resuming her trek towards the ice road.


The preceding has been brought to you by the player of Synamon who likes to remind Kattena, and her person, that she is amazing and feels like this kind of touches on it a little bit, but not nearly enough.

Kattena v. the Construct was brought to you by the mind behind [Samsaren], because a good battle should never go unwritten.