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This is the private home of Kasto del'Fawkraste:
a fieldstone shelter with a sign saying "Gone Fishing!" hanging on the front door


A supple blacktip sharkskin mat adorns the golden sand floor of this small room. A small firepit made up of an arrangement of moss covered stones, with a sun-bleached shark's jaw hanging above it, rests between a sun-bleached lifeboat propped up on crates and boxes and a salt-stained captain's desk carved with sea creatures pushed up against the driftwood walls. The room holds a mild scent of sea spray. You also see a drowned sailor, a salt-eaten porthole, a giant turtle stool with a flat top and a driftwood sailor's footlocker with scrimshaw nautical scenes with several things on it.


a drowned sailor
Draped with dripping seaweed, the insubstantial form glows a faint blue-green. His skin is a pale shade, almost white and open sores cover its face and exposed flesh.


a supple blacktip sharkskin mat
The teeth have been removed from the predator's gigantic mouth and instead decorate the flattened tail like a mosaic.


a driftwood wall pieced together from dilapidated deck boards
Despite being bleached by the sun and horribly warped during an unknown amount of time spent adrift at sea, the boards serve as adequate covering for a home interior. A myriad of cubbyholes are built straight into the wall, providing storage for a plethora of various items and supplies. Strange stains and other obvious battle damage lend to the impression that these boards may not have been willingly tossed into the water.

  • On the driftwood wall you see a sun-bleached shark's jaw, a simple cured driftwood staff with a black skull and crossbones flag attached to it, a deep blue silk wall panel painted with crashing ocean waves, a stuffed swordfish, a ship's wheel, an admiral's cane topped with a tempest sapphire, a porcelain plate painted with the figure of Eluned, and a blue-toned painting of a drowning sailor.
  • In the driftwood wall you see a glass fishing buoy, a polished abalone shell necklace suspended from a cord of braided seaweed, a large conch shell lashed to tawny suede cording, a small golden-colored seashell, a collapsible silverwood fishing pole with a leather-wrapped grip, a wide fishing net, a framed collection of fishing flies, a wicker tackle box, a wicker fisherman's creel decorated with fish skulls and feathered lures, a polished sana'ati fishing box inlaid with mother-of-pearl fish, an oilcloth bait bag with double-stitched steelsilk seams, a tan fishing hat festooned with colorful lures, a Reshal nomlas hewn from granite, a bisected nautilus shell hanging from a slender silver chain, a small conch shell and a coral statuette of a fisherman holding a baited pole.


a salt-stained captain's desk carved with sea creatures
A variety of aquatic life converge on a large tropical reef which sprawls across the front of the furniture, the carvings warped and faded by submersion in salty water. A pitted iron knob, cast in the shape of an anchor, adorns the wide drawer along the underside and allows for easy access to writing implements stored safely inside. While being horribly marred by an unknown amount of time spent adrift at sea, the desk still remains serviceable as a sturdy surface for working upon.

  • On the captain's desk you see an undead sailor figure made from darkstone, a tyrium kraken statue inset with sapphires, a tiny copper pick with a starfish grip, a shimmering gaethzen pirate, a mariner's sextant engraved with leaping dolphins, a long-stemmed ivory pipe carved with sinuous sea serpents, a grey metal letter opener with a salt pitted blade and a ebonwood handle, a cartographer's geometry compass trimmed in silver leaf, a creamy albatross feather quill with a metal nib, a squat glass inkwell with brass feet, a battered brass cartographer's spyglass, a fossilized nautilus-shell paperweight, a large map of the five provinces, a heavy stoneware whiskey jug, a square garnet-trimmed fishbowl, some driftwood, an overflowing to-do list, a glossy black sandstone sea serpent with fiery carnelian eyes, a sharpened troll tooth scrimshawed with a repeating nomlas motif and a sizable tempest sapphire anchor shrouded in verdant moonsilver seaweed.
  • In the captain's desk you see an orange enameled button badge depicting a mermaid holding a harp silhouetted against the rising sun, a small bronze macaque pin with movable parts, a polished sea pebble bracelet, a thin cambrinth bracelet etched with fishes, a sea dragon charm, a dented fishing lure bent into the shape of a ring, a solid iron earcuff hung with a small ship's anchor, a large copper hoop earring, a navigator's logbook bound in sun-bleached canvas, a salt-stained tome bound in green leather with "Courses" on the spine, a book bound in black leather titled "Battle of the Reshal Sea", a blackened-iron flask with a skull and crossbones etched on the front, a dark silver medallion shaped like a tentacled mass surrounding a single eye, a driftwood pirate trinket, a wide thumb ring of polished platinum carved to resemble the remains of a sunken ship, a polished bloodstone albatross, a brass earcuff engraved with a mermaid, a cambrinth fish ring and a shovel-shaped badge stamped "Treasure Keeper".
  • Under the captain's desk you see a full-rigged toy galleon, a red-sailed pirate ship, a full-rigged toy galleon, an elegant green glass merchantman, an elegant ruby glass sailboat, a red-sailed pirate ship, an elegant ruby glass pirate-ship, a three-masted cambrinth schooner, a carved teak sea captain marionette and an articulated animite shark toy set with sodalite eyes.
  • Behind the captain's desk you see a cobalt-blue wool cloak with an anchor-shaped clasp, a hooded sailor's longcoat of bright orange oilcloth, a rust-colored admiral's greatcoat with embroidered cuffs, a moth-eaten black wool sea coat accented with brass buttons, a seaweed shroud, a red captain's coat with a large skull and crossbones embroidered on the back, a scaly green coverall with cloth tentacles sewn to the shoulders, a sailor's oilcloth rain poncho lined in thick fleece, an oiled sailcloth coat tied with a coarse strand of rope and a silvery-blue sailcloth boat cloak fastened with four silver buttons.


a sun-bleached lifeboat propped up on crates and boxes
The phrase "Raw Deal" is rendered in chipped black paint across the back of the boat, punctuated at either end with the depictions of a sultry mermaid and a sprawling kraken. A thick fishing net is strung between the cast iron lifting eyes, swinging freely in the space where missing thwarts and side benches should have been placed. Stacks of shipping crates, traveling trunks and clothing boxes raise the weathered vessel above the ground and allow it to rest perfectly flat.

  • On the sun-bleached lifeboat you see a stuff toy kraken, a corroded anchor chain, a broken boat oar, a length of salt-stained sailcloth and a corroded anchor chain.
  • Under the sun-bleached lifeboat you see a rum-stained bag embellished with the image of an overflowing tankard of ale, an intricate scrimshaw box inlaid with a golden emblem, a grey sharkskin belt pouch clasped with a platinum seahorse, a blue suede pouch accented by a beaded seagull feather, a blue velvet gem pouch adorned with a shark, dolphin and an albatross, a small card box lined with deep red velvet, a tattered canvas sea bag slung from a salt-stained rope, a map case, a weathered haversack adorned with an assortment of sailor's knots, a driftwood jewelry box, a tattered canvas sea bag slung from a salt-stained rope, a reinforced canvas case crafted to resemble a treasure chest, a khor'vela wood keg shaped like a great four masted galleon at full sail, a grey bull sharkskin kit with a whale tooth closure, a padded leather libation caddy hung from a woven grass strap, a teak bolt box engraved with the image of a large galleon, an iron-bound treasure chest, a cedar mariner's case with a galleon-shaped lock, a blue leather case embossed with a stylized rendition of a female Merelew, a marquetry lockpick case handcrafted with an inlaid design of a mariner's compass, a bloodwood shell collector's case with inlaid ivory and jade shells, a wardrobe trunk secured with heavy leather straps, a circular hat box, a weathered mariner's pack with brass fastenings, a cracked ironwood captain's seachest, a grey bull sharkskin thigh bag with black leather drawstrings, a black cotton booty bag with braided leather drawstrings, a salt-stained burlap lootsack, a grey sharkskin cartographer's toolbag clasped with a brass compass rose, an admiral's sailcloth backpack adorned with gleaming brass buttons, a sailor's mending kit, a wooden peg-leg, a gold-etched driftwood trunk, a rich cochineal silk gift box painted with black eighteenth notes and trimmed with silver ribbon, a large stationery chest fashioned from sun-bleached driftwood, a sailcloth sack and a rich brown seal-skin quiver.


a small firepit made up of an arrangement of moss covered stones
Detailed with soft, realistic-looking fake moss on the outside, the silvery-grey rocks have been smoothed for safety.


a sturdy dragonwood stand
Set with a solid base, the dark stand rises up to three sets of bars, providing spaces for multiple pieces of armor to be stored.

  • On the dragonwood stand you see a pair of gleaming plate boots etched with a tentacled sea monster, some chalky white bone armor etched with a three-masted pirate ship, a shark skull mask, a boat plank shield, some rigging gloves, some salt-stained leathers with a skull and crossbones flag embossed on the left bicep, a sailor's oilskins, some fishscale armor and some whale bone armor.
  • Behind the dragonwood stand you see some quilted double leathers with a skull and crossbones emblazoned across the chest and some salt-stained leathers with a skull and crossbones flag embossed on the left bicep.


a dragonwood rack inlaid with gold filigree
Tiered from a large base shelf up to a smaller one, the dark wood has been smoothed along each shelf and left natural on the outer edges. Smoothly lining the edges, gold filigree creates an elegant vine design that branches off into tiny trumpet-shaped flowers.

  • On the dragonwood rack you see a steel short sword with a cresting wave hilt, a pitted steel pirate's sabre dangling a tattered black scarf, a scrimshaw marlinspike, a boarding pike with a leaf blade, a barnacle encrusted scimitar, a scrimshaw-handled fillet knife veined with ox-blood coral, an admiral's cutlass with a fancifully engraved hilt, a curved bronze dagger with a twisted narwhal horn handle, a long-bladed falchion with a half-basket hilt and a pirate's scimitar tied with a black silk scarf.
  • Behind the dragonwood rack you see a deobar-hilted boarding axe with an iron blade, a shark-tooth tipped trident, a morjalbreth bone harpoon, an engraved scimitar with a leather-wrapped hilt and an enameled trident inset with tortoiseshell chips.


a driftwood sailor's footlocker with scrimshaw nautical scenes
Broad sections of sun-bleached bone are affixed to a sturdy driftwood frame using a seaworthy adhesive, creating this large piece of ship's luggage. Each of the square shaped plates are scrimshawed with a tiny scene showing the daily activities aboard a vessel and the hardships of sea life. Salt-pitted iron bands reinforce the footlocker against damage, engraved with images of merfolk and sea serpents.

  • On the sailor's footlocker you see a sapphire-eyed cambrinth pirate, an oval of iridescent mother-of-pearl, some heavy rope knots, a white shark's tooth, a detailed cameo ring carved with the likeness of a merelew woman, a shark's tooth suspended from a braided cord, some blackened shark's teeth, some slag glass sharks, a rusty iron manacle and a shark.
  • In the sailor's footlocker you see a plush black towel featuring bright red fish designs, a black armband embroidered in golden thread with the symbol of the Zoluren Expeditionary Force, a sharkskin-trimmed blue velvet doublet with pewter anchor buttons, a fully rigged pirate ship etched into a tortoise shell amulet, a red velvet pirate's hat with a single black feathered plume, some sturdy leather sailor's boots with gummed soles, a black bandana painted with dancing skeletons, a rotten leather tricorn, a whip-thin electric eel, some miniature golden tridents, some miniature cutlasses, some miniature undead pirate mice, an admiral's tricorne hat, a rugged leather bandolier, some reinforced sharkskin pants with rough leather lacing, a jade ocarina etched with the image of a tall ship, a faded black tabard emblazoned with a skull and crossbones, a black sailor hat embroidered with a skull and crossbones, a regal cambrinth parrot with a jeweled head and ruby wings, a dried yellow starfish, a knobby cambrinth starfish, a black pirate's hat with a jaunty red scarf tied around the crown, a deep black pirate shirt clasped at the throat with a large blood ruby pendant and a navy blue captain's hat with braided gold trim.
  • Behind the sailor's footlocker you see a triangular burgee emblazoned with an elaborate design, a mariner's hat trimmed in braided gold, an indigo-rubbed ivory cane etched with maritime scenes, a rusted key and a spiraled driftwood cane.