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Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Platinum

You are Earthshaker Kaladur, a Rakash Barbarian.
You have an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, wide-set stormy grey eyes and a pointy nose. Your light brown hair is long and thick, and is worn braided. You have pale skin and an athletic build.
You are tall for a Rakash.
You are a pack alpha.
You have a long thin mustache on your upper lip and a long patchy beard.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing some black trousers, a medium shield, some double chain mail, a polished leather harness with a stroko sis and a claymore secured to it, a charcoal leather haversack, a pair of grey wings that fade to white at the tips, a rough-cut chakrel amulet, a dark steel belt knife, some mail gloves, a visored chain helm, a gold jadeite gwethdesuan, a soft gem pouch, a black faille odaj and an onyx Coshivi medallion strung on a copper chain.

Kaladur was a drifter for many years, a grief stricken Rakash who had lost so much because of Lyras. These new lands were unfamiliar and offered no home that was familiar or comfortable to him. So he wandered from place to place, coping with the loss of his old world. Before, he was a young but already respected hunter. After, he had to hunt alone with his bare hands to survive. His old bow had snapped from the time he used it as a staff to beat back a wolf.

He had heard about the Thirteen over the years from his rare encounters with people in this new land, and without much hope he decided to pray to Tamsine for a new home and an orderly life, an end to his nomadic ways. Most of all he prayed to meet others of his kind, for it had been many years since he had seen any fellow Rakash. The River Crossing proved to be an answer to some of these. The people of Crossings welcomed him, and he soon met many adventurers, even a few Prydaens. Though he had never been especially familiar with the Prydaen race, he knew that they had suffered in much the same way as he had, and it encouraged him to see them in these new lands.

He learned that there were guilds willing to teach many new things, and seeking to make a fresh new start, he decided to extend his existing hunting skills by joining the Barbarian's Guild. He has met a number of guildmembers and even bought a room in the Guild dormitory. At last the drifter has a place to call home. He continues to look for fellow Rakash, though he has not yet encountered any in Crossings.