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Kaeza Ssezteon
Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Thief
Instance Prime
Relatives Zestachi, Aokage


You see Kaeza Ssezteon, a S'Kra Mur.
She has an elongated face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of her skull, slitted silver-flecked crystal blue eyes and a dappled snout, speckled scales, a curving tail and a slender figure.
She is tall for a S'Kra Mur.
She appears to be an adult.

She is wearing a large brass whistle dangling from a beaded metal chain, a diaphanous tail drape made of feathery silk the color of dark burnished bronze, a pair of anlora-avtoma earstuds, a dark pouch, a calcified femur, a blood-red leather choker studded with carved bone spikes, a black velvet badge stamped with, "Death happens!", a dark red spidersilk shirt, a pair of black spidersilk pants, a leather thigh bag heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a coiled cobra, a rough burlap baldric, a black spider patterned with white and drab black markings, an oilcloth rucksack, an orange-red sackcloth gamantang, a hammered copper tailband, a black nightsilk duffel bag clasped with a small silver skull, a sharply serrated knife with a black leather hilt, a delicate ivory collar with a dangling pink heart, an iron lockpick ring, a dark gem pouch, a deeply hooded cloak of black silk lined in silvery-grey, a clouded green albredine ring, some steel-toed footwraps with dark steelsilk straps, some bloodvine thorn knee spikes, some blackened steel elbow spikes, a shimmering silvery white silk dance veil, a twisted cambrinth armband, an albredine crystal ring, some wickedly spiked knuckles set with a row of thirteen faceted garnets, some perfect serpent-skin leathers, some superb gargoyle-hide gloves, a perfect firecat-skin cowl, a crocodile-skin buckler, a turquoise ring straddled by a pudgy cambrinth turtle and a lumpy bundle.


She was born on the 14th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Bronze Wyvern.

She affirmed her vows before the gods in the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Iron Toad, 403.

Devote follower of Hav'roth.


  • Parents:
Currently undisclosed
  • Spouse:
  • Siblings:
Zestachi Brother