Just Desserts (1)

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Just Desserts
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Food shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Just Desserts]
Cheerful paintings of portly chefs decorate one wall, each of them working on a cake or pastry. Sounds from a nearby kitchen fill the air, from the clanging of pots and pans to the scraping of a spoon in a batter-filled bowl. White countertops filled with packaged cakes and a wide shelf of other boxed treats line the walls, and a cloying scent of baking sugar drifts through the air. You also see a narrow door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the white countertop
Item Price Done
fine ebony carton elegantly carved with a forest pattern - Contains slice of rich ginger cake coated in a thick cinnamon and apple crust 1,082   
white silverwood carton engraved with a single glass of wine 902   No
burnished lemonwood carton 631   No
dusky satinwood carton artfully engraved with a bowl of fruit 992   No
polished cherrywood carton painted with the image of a single rose 721   No
sanded teak box artfully stained in whorling patterns 721   No
silver maple box decorated with a single white lily - Contains slice of sugary coconut cake decorated with white chocolate lilies 541   
polished cedar box carved with the image of a small carrot 902   No
thin sandalwood box painted with a small chocolate cake 541   No
dark wooden box painted with a chocolate mint leaf 541   No
On the wide shelf
Item Price Done
large glass pan frosted with a design that resembles chiseled ice 1,082   No
round wooden box decorated with white roses 631   No
round wooden box decorated with a chocolate-colored bow 541   No
thin silverwood box painted with a small strawberry 721   No
dark rosewood box decorated with white almond flowers 992   No
small maplewood carton stenciled with a single maple leaf 721   No
small wooden box tied with a pure white bow 541   No
polished rosewood carton painted with a small crisscross pattern 811   No

[Just Desserts, Side Room]
Several scented candles burn on small wooden stands mounted on the clean off-white walls, mixing together a fine blend of scents. A large clothing rack has been pushed next to the northern wall, an apron stand placed next to it. In the center of the room is a large table, placed on top of a rug. The corner of the room holds a small cast-iron stove, and on it a kettle of tea is cheerfully brewing.
Obvious exits: west.

On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
floppy white hat dusted with cinnamon-brown glass sprinkles 4,510   !!
white chef's hat 902   !!
floppy pink hat adorned with a large spidersilk carnation 902   !!
spidersilk hairnet with black diamond points 94,710   !!
white cotton robe artfully embroidered with the image of an herb garden 4,510   !!
black spidersilk robe intricately embroidered with an assortment of flowering plants 90,200   !!
floor-length pink gown with large ruffles at the hems 18,040   !!
black velvet tunic artfully embroidered with a patch of pumpkins 18,040   !!
knee-length blue tunic of shiny satin with silver trimming 18,040   !!
On the apron stand
Item Price Done
leather apron embossed with a Halfling carrying a tray of steaming tarts 8,118   !!
long cotton apron stained along the front with colorful frosting 4,510   !!
black cotton apron embroidered with brown goblin-shaped cookies 5,412   !!
blackened leather baker's apron stamped with a cookie-eating shadowling 9,020   !!
shadowy black cooking apron with dangling emerald viper charms 45,100   !!
dark leather apron decorated with shiny gold buckles 36,080   !!
dark leather apron affixed with small animite buttons 496,100   !!
pink baker's apron stamped with a winged gerbil flying around a large tart 10,824   !!
On the large table
Item Price Done
small glass pestle etched with blue-stained swirls 721   !!
small homespun sack with an apron-shaped clasp 4,510   !!
small spidersilk sack painted to resemble a sack of jellybeans 45,100   !!
large cotton sack embroidered with colorful swirls 2,706   !!
small black sack embroidered with ghosts and skeletons 4,510   !!
small mixing bowl painted with bright yellow ducks 721   !!
sturdy wooden bowl with a polished cross-hatch design 676   !!
small wooden spoon 90   !!
On the iron stove
Item Price Done
kettle of lemon tea 0   

[Just Desserts, For the Fine Chef]
Little more than a narrow gap between the wagon's walls, this little windowless niche sits right next to the kitchen, from which the sounds of food being made can be heard. A single low lantern is hung from the ceiling, covered with a hood to keep it from shining too brightly. Hanging on the back wall is a large portrait of a crouching panther, next to a prominent poster. You also see a large table with some stuff on it, a loose board, a narrow shelf with some stuff on it, a small ebony tray with some stuff on it and a small cloak rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A large poster reads:
Welcome to the "Fine Chef" Shop!

NOTE:  Feel free to resell the items.

There are only two rules:
1.  Don't say where they're from.
2.  Make a really good profit!

On the large table
Item Price Done
tray of chocolate heart-shaped cookies 0   
chocolate chip cookies on a large silver platter 0   
ebony lockpick case inlaid with white jade 13,530   
silverwood lockpick case inlaid with black jade 10,824   
carved ebonwood lockpick case inlaid with translucent green jade 922   
golden lockpick case inlaid with gemstones 10,824   
mahogany lockpick case embossed with a jade-eyed panther 11,726   
On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
stiff leather wrist sheath embossed with a small shrike 18,040   !!
black leather wrist sheath embossed with the image of a diamond-hilted stiletto 22,550   !!
small leather wrist sheath embossed with a crow and swan 20,746   
dark leather wrist sheath dyed with a complex camouflage pattern 22,550   !!
storm grey leather wrist sheath embossed with swirling smoke 18,040   
black leather wrist sheath embossed with a stalking panther ?   !!
A small sign reads:"Note: These wrist sheaths are designed to allow for unsheathing without being seen. Because of their small size, they will only hold light edged weapons. WARNING: When worn properly, these sheaths are completely hidden, so be careful not to forget it's there!
On the ebony tray
Item Price Done
pewter keyblank 541   
steel keyblank 7,216   No
animite-hued keyblank 90,200   
silver-hued keyblank 4,540   
platinum-hued keyblank 18,946   
golden-hued keyblank 9,020   
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
dirty brown leather coat outlined with black buttons 45,100   !!
long black leather cloak with a dark blue nightsilk border 45,100   !!
dark grey spidersilk cloak with small silver symbols embroidered on the inside edges 45,100   !!
narrow cloak with silver buckles fitted along the hem 10,824   
dark grey hooded cloak 7,216   !!
pitch black hooded cloak with a panther emblazoned on the back 45,100   !!