Jhiskar's Provisions (1)

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Jhiskar's Provisions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399
Owner Jhiskar
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Jhiskar's Provisions]
The light from a small lantern dances over the cluttered interior of the leather-encased room. Colorful braids of bell-laden leather twine the crisscrossing metal bars of the ceiling, the tiny brass bells tinkling melodically with the breeze caused by any passing customer. You also see a door flap, a woven grass basket, a burlap sack, a rough-hewn table with some stuff on it and a small crate.
Obvious exits: east.

In the grass basket
Item Price Done
feather-etched bronze wood shaper 432   !!
lambswool-wrapped blued-steel wood shaper 293   
leather-wrapped brass wood shaper 225   No
cord-bound iron wood shaper 135   No
blackened-steel wood shaper 270   !!
In the burlap sack
Item Price Done
refined hide glue 49   No
sticky horse-hoof glue 40   No
pasty troll-sinew glue 31   No
light bird-quill glue 58   !!
On the rough-hewn table
Item Price Done
fine brass bowyer's knife with a bloodgem-inlaid teak handle 338   !!
curved bloodwood-handled bronze carving knife 851   No
feather-etched silver gilt fletcher's knife 1,719   
ribboned-steel bowyer's knife with a birchbark handle 910   
blued-steel carving knife with a silverwillow handle 902   
watered-steel carving knife with a polished mistwood handle 1,589   
thin-bladed steel fletcher's knife with an ebony handle 902   No
In the small crate
Item Price Done
bone-handled steel flight shears 90   No
brass wolf-jaw flight shears 90   No
serrated flight shears 90   No
leaf-etched nickel flight shears 135   No
swallow-shaped gold flight shears 25,256   No

[Jhiskar's Provisions]
Bundles of wood and piles of pelts are stacked wherever space will allow, covering the inherently metallic scent of the room with musty and sweet aromas. A cluster of beeswax candles and a slowly smoldering bundle of sage burden a small table set well away from the leather-encased walls. You also see a peg board with some stuff on it, an ironwood pole with some stuff on it and a carved sandlewood chest.
Obvious exits: west.

On the rough-hewn table
Item Price Done
fringed leather waterskin 90   !!
reinforced hide gloves 18   !!
banded ebony quarterstaff 225   !!!!
leather cowl 7,216   !!
banded acanth quarterstaff 225   
On the peg board
Item Price Done
plaited leather artisan's belt with a sunstone-eyed wolf buckle 6,404   
rugged leather artisan's belt 699   
tooled leather craftsman's belt with a gold arrowhead buckle 8,118   !!
scarred leather craftsman's belt 676   !!
On the ironwood pole
Item Price Done
woven doeskin fletching pouch tied with beaded cord 1,353   No
cured leather fletching pouch hung with red-tipped black hawk feathers 1,555   No
shearling-trimmed suede fletching pouch clasped with polished oxhorn 1,082   
sable macrame fletching pouch knotted with carved bone beads 1,082   No
pale-green fletching pouch embroidered with golden oak leaves 1,533   No
dark scale fletching pouch clasped with a golden eagle talon 1,984   No
fringed leather fletching pouch clasped with a ruby-eyed copper falcon 1,984   No
mail-clad leather fletching pouch with a bronze dragon buckle 3,066   !!
In the sandlewood chest
Item Price Done
woven leather quiver with a padded lambswool shoulder strap 1,804   No
amber hide quiver edged with knotwork-etched brass 1,804   No
black leather arm quiver with silver clasps 3,608   !!
verdant leather arm quiver tooled with twining vines 3,608   
braided horsehair arm quiver 3,608   No
steel-studded leather arm quiver 3,608   !!
cured leather thigh quiver branded with the Ranger Guild crest 3,968   No
ringmail-clad buckskin thigh quiver 3,157   !!
sleek snakeskin thigh quiver 3,157   
fringed suede thigh quiver embroidered with a cluster of acorns 4,059   No