Jewelry in Phases (1)

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Jewelry In Phases
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Jewelry In Phases]
Crystal representations of Elanthia's moons hang from the dark velvet ceiling of the tent, illuminated from within by burning oil lamps. Silvery globes representing stars join them in celestial harmony, reflecting the multihued light over the glittering wares below. You also see an ebony stand draped in nightsilk with some stuff on it, a bloodwood stand edged in gold with some stuff on it, a silverwood stand topped by moonsilk with some stuff on it and a tent flap.

On the ebony stand
Item Price Done
filigree platinum choker bearing a smooth black disc 467,055   !!
hammered copper torque set with an obsidian disc 14,810   !!
wide silver ring set with an eventide moonstone disc 18,788   
bronze scrollwork armband set with an onyx disc 14,233   
darkened silver necklace bearing an adderstone disc pendant 10,373   No
heavy gold ring set with a black amber disc 31,434   
elegant animite ring set with a smooth black diamond disc 3,021,700   
silver rope bracelet hung with a black crystal disc 7,306   
On the bloodwood stand
Item Price Done
antiqued silver bracelet set with a dark crimson garnet disc 30,487   
hammered bronze armband set with a dusky bloodgem disc 22,982   
slender braided silver necklace hung with a red jade disc 10,102   
beveled gold ring set with a lustrous ruby disc 139,810   No
gnarled oak torque embedded with a red jasper disc 3,211   No
triple-loop animite bracelet dangling a cabochon fire opal disc ?   No
broad steel ring inset with a blood-red quartz disc 11,031   
delicate silver anklet bearing an aurora tourmaline disc 43,927   
On the silverwood stand
Item Price Done
intricately wrought platinum choker bearing a blue diamond disc 1,781,450   
burnished gold bracelet set with a sky-blue sapphire disc 138,457   No
filigree copper armband inset with a blue crystal disc 2,642   
double-strand silver necklace bearing a twilight-hued sapphire disc 57,637   No
hammered bronze ring inlaid with a blue jade disc 4,744   No
wide gold wristband inset with a lustrous water opal disc 157,579   
slender silver band set with a pale blue iolite disc 8,929   
hammered steel ring set with a turquoise disc 10,373   No