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Jetto's Toys
Event Jeraya Lanival, Web Festival
Owner Jetto
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Jetto's Toys, Under the Awning]
The canvas awning overhead flaps and flutters in the breeze, sewn in bright stripes of red, yellow, and blue. A smiling young dwarven attendant stands ready to help you, next to a low wooden table covered with cuddly stuffed animals of all kinds. You also see a glass display case with some stuff on it, a brightly painted sign and an open doorway leading into the wagon.
Obvious paths: out.

A brightly painted sign reads:

Welcome friends. 
Please feel free to take a look at the wonderful selection of toys I have brought with me today. 
I have a wide selection of adorable stuffed animals for sale, and also a slightly more limited 
selection of mechanical toys. These are child's play to operate. Simply turn the key, or pull 
the string, and all manner of wonderous things will happen. 
On the display case
Item Price Done
hooded thief doll 9,375   !!
armored paladin doll 6,250   
tipsy-looking musical bard doll 5,625   !!
scowling barbarian doll 6,250   !!
grinning trader bank 8,750   !!
ranger doll 5,000   !!
delicate china mage doll dressed in silken robes 3,750   !!

[Jetto's Toys, Inside Wagon]
The inside of the wagon is cramped, but comfortable. Half finished dolls and strange clockwork contraptions rest on shelves along the walls, and simple wooden puppets hang by their strings from the ceiling. Muted light flickers off the brightly painted walls from a pair of simple copper lanterns hung low overhead. One whole side of the wagon is taken up by a long workbench cluttered with all manner of strange tools, paints, brushes, and supplies. You also see a waiting list and a services notice. Obvious exits: out.

Greetings, I am Jetto the toymaker. 
For a small fee, I will repaint, resew, or otherwise alter any toys purchased here. 
I may also be able to alter other craftsman's toys. 
I don't work on anything other than toys, especially, I don't even want to touch weapons or armor. 
Also, I can only change the appearance of the toys, the clockwork mechanisms inside take weeks to make, 
and I can't change them in one sitting.