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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Platinum

You are Blademaster Jerrums Whitehorse, Cavalry Leader of Zoluren, a Human. You have a square-jawed face, sparkling crystal blue eyes and a classical nose. Your black-streaked light brown hair is short and thick, and is worn loose.

You have tanned skin and an athletic build.

You are very tall for a Human.

A smooth white ironwood faiyka inlaid with wild horse jasper rests on your forehead, just above your eyes.

You are in your prime.

Your right wrist has a tattoo of a bright cathedral spire piercing through dark clouds.

You are in good shape.

You are holding a massive horseman's greataxe with gleaming dual silversteel blades in your right hand.

You are wearing a blademaster's greathelm inlaid in a scale pattern of blued moonsilver, a dull serpent earcuff, a two-tone wire earring of lambent moonsilver, a knotted argent-striped cravat pinned with a pure white thealstone, a mirror-finished amulet crafted to resemble a tower shield, a gleaming silver knight's chain, a dull grey raven charm, an auburn-hued khaddar greatcoat with a crimson moonsilver-embellished cape, an obsidian black rottweiler with mahogany-colored accents, a sturdy leather saddlebag painted with stylized horses, an elaborate weapon harness strung with Enelne's eye amulets, a sackcloth pack stitched with intricate designs, a fine blue-grey silk shirt pinned at the cuffs with square moonsilver buttons, a set of blademaster's warplate scaled with blackened and blued moonsilver, a massive triple-reinforced vardite war pavise shield enameled with the lion of Chadatru in gold, a heavy bronze bracer edged in bloodgems, a parry stick with bands of crimson moonsilver accented with blued moonsilver vines, some blademaster's gauntlets displaying blued moonsilver spikes, a moonsilver gentleman's ring with a hollow setting, a lumpy bundle, a belt knife with a gleaming blackened moonsilver dragon's head hilt, a polished belt frog with a Grey Raven guard's longsword and a gladius hanging from it, a dark silverweave jewelry pouch with a prismatic moonsilver mesh overlay, a velvet gem pouch, a pair of stylish farandine trousers dyed night black and some auburn-hued leather boots trimmed with crimson moonsilver. > Jerrums is mounted on a buckskin horse.

The buckskin horse is seventeen hands high with a light tan coat. It has a black mane and tail. It is a mare with no other markings. The horse is wearing a steel-plated chanfron etched with the crest of the Paladins' Guild, a wide plate crinnet cinched with oiled leather straps, a steel-plated flanchard lined in thick blue cloth, a highly polished saddle of supple black leather bearing elaborately embroidered stirrups, a night black quilt embroidered with scarlet roses, a black velvet caparison embroidered in scarlet and gold roses, and a cerulean leather bridle trimmed with silvery braid.