Ithinnu's Clothier and Cobbler (2)

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Ithinnu's Clothier and Cobbler
Event Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Ithinnu
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Ithinnu's Clothier and Cobbler, Special Selections]
This cluttered wagon offers precious little floor space in which to stand. Along the back wall is a cutting table presided over by an intent Elothean perched on a step stool. Seated on a chest in a corner, a wizened Dwarf hammers a sole on his lap iron. A small sign tacked over an ash stand proclaims the proprietor's name and business. You also see a wobbly rack with some stuff on it, a hickory trunk with some stuff on it, a small dresser, a wooden tray, a door, an oak sideboard with some stuff on it, and a note tacked below the sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden sign reads:
"Ithinnu's expert tailoring delivers the desired fit.  We make the best-fitting boot in Elanthia."
A note reads:
"Some items have pockets, some do not.  Depends if the seamstress or cobbler got distracted.  No refunds."

On the ash stand
Item Price Done
pair of polished black sluagh hide boots with charms capping the laces 2,255   !!
pair of dress doeskin boots dyed a dark grey 2,706   !!
slouched pair of grey-green suede boots 811   
pair of black dress boots crafted to resemble an expensive style 586   
pair of grey fur boots with shaggy cuffs 1,713   !!
brown knee-high boots with copper grommets and black laces 902   !!
pair of wedge heel boots crafted from black and white snakeskin 2,074   !!
pair of light brown boots with a dark brown bellows tongue 622   
Rotating Stock
On the wobbly rack
Item Price Done
blue felt jacket with shiny silver buttons 992   
green waxed-cotton cloak 2,796   !!
brown canvas jacket with ash buttons 902   
black wooly sheepskin coat with a white angiswaerd hair collar 1,804   
dark brown bearskin cloak with a white angiswaerd hair collar 10,530   
nubby black wool cloak worn smooth in some spots 631   
Rotating Stock
On the hickory trunk
Item Price Done
sleeveless muslin shirt cut to complement the male physique 1,533   !!
embroidered eggshell silk shirt with a narrow stand-up collar 2,255   
tightly cuffed billowy-sleeved sky blue cotton gauze shirt 1,353   
blue and green plaid shirt with a wide collar 2,841   !!
relaxed-neck maroon shirt fastened by small pearl buttons 3,409   !!
white cotton short-sleeved shirt laced with a tan leather strand 1,443   !!
black cotton shirt with fabric ties 1,578   !!
Rotating Stock
In the small dresser
Item Price Done
dingy grey socks 121   
pair of finely knitted black hose 360   
pair of white leather gloves with gold buttons at the cuff 1,082   !!
pair of white leather gloves with silver buttons at the cuff 631   !!
brown cotton socks with sagging cuffs 112   
pair of brown leather gloves with bronze buckles 451   !!
In the wooden tray
Item Price Done
felt headband crafted of small brown feathers 405   
thick gold ring set with a carved oval of black coral 11,726   
pair of gold cufflinks inlaid with a black coral sailing ship 6,201   
heavy tri-color knot bracelet 4,870   
On the oak sideboard
Item Price Done
pair of brown canvas pants with dark spots on the knees 1,804   !!
ebon trousers with wide legs 721   
pair of carefully tailored trousers in a subdued brocade 5,141   !!
pair of dark blue trousers with a button-front flap 2,119   !!
grey linen pants with small bone buttons 1,443   
pair of black wool pants with braid-trimmed pockets 1,217   !!
Rotating Stock