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In regards to User:HOLSCHAUERK's question about why it's not +5, here is the mixture as I have it setup:

  • HoG with Ornate Niello
  • Resplendant Niello
How Worn Bonus
Nothing +0
HoG (Ornate) +2
Respledant +3
HoG + Resplendant +4 +5

--DAEMETHEUS (talk) 17:13, 21 May 2017 (CDT)

You can not have more than 2 of any material/stat (IE haralun or gloomwood) ring. You can have up to +6 currently in a stat. For example: All five fingers bear a shimmering luster that lights up the whole hand. There are a resplendent haralun ring, a resplendent haralun ring, an ornate gloomwood ring, an ornate darkstone ring and an ornate gloomwood ring on it. All of your items worn on a finger: an ornate darkstone ring

The potency of the ring doesn't matter (IE you can have two resplendent or 1 resplendent and one ornate...) only that no more than 2 per stat. --BSWEET (talk) 21:45, 21 January 2019 (CST)BSWEET 1/21/2019.