Item:Ornamental pair of powder blue and candy pink feather wings

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ornamental pair of powder blue and candy pink feather wings
Look: Dyed in hues reminiscent of cotton candy, the long feathers are liberally sprinkled with icesteel glitter for a frosted, shimmering effect. Silversteel forms the lightweight frame, which features unobtrusive geared mechanisms allowing the fluffy wings to be folded close to the body or extended to an impressive wingspan.
Weight: 50 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 225,0000 Kronars
"0Kronars" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
Dimensions: 12 length x 8 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Glittering white alerce costume trunk with a braided candy pink cire strap, Gear Shop (4)

As you study the wings, you think you could probably pull, push, rub, turn and clean them.