Item:Auburn oilcloth cloak with hook and loop fasteners

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auburn oilcloth cloak with hook and loop fasteners
Look: A gold clasp in the shape of a rayed sunburst fastens the garment at the wearer's throat.
Weight: 50 stones
Appraised Cost: 3750 Kronars
3,000 Lirums
2,706 Dokoras
3.75 LTBpoints
3.75 Tickets
3.75 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is worn in the shoulders slot.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Jhanine Dering Cloaks (5)

Thinking about the cloak, you wonder if you might not be able to ADJUST, CLEAN, CLUTCH, FLIP, PAT, REMOVE, ROLL, RUB, SHAKE, TIE, WAVE, and WEAR it.

> adjust my cloak You delicately adjust your oilcloth cloak, allowing it to hang elegantly from your shoulders.

> clean my cloak You flick bits of dirt and lint off of your oilcloth cloak, endeavoring to make sure the oilcloth is spotless.

> clutch my cloak You pull your oilcloth cloak close around you, overlapping the front edges slightly.

> flip my cloak You casually flip the edge of your oilcloth cloak.

> pat my cloak You pat the oilcloth of your oilcloth cloak gently.

> roll my cloak You strike a commanding pose, throwing the oilcloth of your oilcloth cloak back and gazing off into the distance.

> remove my cloak You carefully remove the oilcloth cloak from your shoulders.

> wear my cloak You carefully place your oilcloth cloak on your shoulders, letting the oilcloth settle around your body.

> rub my cloak You lightly stroke the oilcloth of your oilcloth cloak.

> shake my cloak You shake the oilcloth of your oilcloth cloak fiercely, throwing up a miniature cloud of dust that slowly settles to the ground.

> tie my cloak You fidget with the fastenings on your oilcloth cloak.

> wave my cloak Grabbing the oilcloth of your oilcloth cloak, you briskly fan it back and forth, attempting to cool off.