Item:Applewood wand topped with an autumn jasper pumpkin

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applewood wand topped with an autumn jasper pumpkin
Look: Images of brightly colored cupcakes are fancifully stitched into the silken grip.
Weight: 1 stones
Uses: 250
Appraised Cost: 43,750 Kronars
35,000 Lirums
31,570 Dokoras
43.75 LTBpoints
43.75 Tickets
43.75 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 436/Incidental loot, Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 432/Incidental loot

The applewood wand has a definite magic pattern which you recognize as a Holy enchantment.
The pattern seems to involve Divine Intervention, a variant of the Glythtide's Gift spell.

Food/Drink Categories

Tier 1: tarts (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 2: cakes (--LOCKED--)
Tier 2: lollipops (--LOCKED--)
Tier 3: live foods (--LOCKED--)
Tier 3: sandwiches (--LOCKED--)
Tier 4: bacon or ham foods (--LOCKED--)
Tier 4: alcoholic drinks (--LOCKED--)
Tier 5: non-alcoholic drinks (--LOCKED--)
Tier 5: random desserts (--LOCKED--)

Custom Food/Drink Slots

Potency Crystal

Using a potency crystal on the applewood wand unlocks 2 additional categories of food as well as 3 additional custom food slots. The custom slots may or may not be pre-set. If not present, you will need to find a willing alterer to add new foods or drinks to use them!

Infuser Stone

An infuser stone will add 250 additional charges to the applewood wand.