Island Interiors (2)

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Island Interiors
Event Taisidon Safari 417, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Housing shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Island Interiors]
Bamboo poles stand upright, close together and bound with reeds to form light but sturdy walls. A curtained doorway leads to the left, the carved wooden beads of the curtain clicking softly against each other with every movement. To the right, an open arch has been cut into the wall. At the back of the room a wide window looks out to a green and flowering garden, the opening covered with ivory gauze curtains. A neatly dressed clerk stands ready to be of assistance.
Obvious paths: out.

Ask clerk about furniture
Item Price Done
white leather ottoman - chairs (set of 4) 10,000   No
cushioned deck board chair - chairs (set of 4) 8,000   No
eucalyptus wood wall - wall 20,000   No
woven reed wall - wall 20,000   No
durian wood chair - chairs (set of 4) 10,000   No
polished khor'vela floor - floor 10,000   !!
coral-hued stone floor embedded with seashells - floor 10,000   No
fan-backed cane armchair - chairs (set of 4) 40,000   No
woven seagrass storage chest - general storage 10,000   No
driftwood meditation bench - chairs (set of 1) 2,500   No
water-stained mariner's trunk encrusted with dried sea urchins - general storage 15,000   No
sun-bleached coral armor stand - armor stand 5,000   No
twisted driftwood weapon rack - weapon rack 5,000   No

[Island Interiors]
Warm and close, the light is dim in this room, the closely lashed bamboo enclosing a quiet dark space. High on the walls, narrow shelves hold sweet-scented beeswax candles, which burn steadily day and night, while scattered between them lie saucers containing smoldering cones of sandalwood incense. The floor is covered with layers of braided sea grass mats in muted tones of green, which muffle the sound of footfalls. A sleepy clerk blinks meditatively in one corner. You also see a narrow shelf with several things on it and a curtained doorway.
Obvious paths: out.

Ask clerk about furniture
Item Price Done
polished marquetry desk - table 40,000   No
weathered driftwood coffee table - table 20,000   No
woven reed coracle-shaped bed - bed 50,000   !!
rattan tea table - table 10,000   No
oversized bed - bed 30,000   !!
hide-covered drum table - table 10,000   No
mangrove canopy bed - bed 235,000   !!
bamboo nest bed - bed 350,000   
cocobolo letter desk - table 120,000   No
red coral table - table 20,000   No
weathered dinghy-shaped bed - bed 60,000   !!
large teakwood bed - bed 80,000   !!
mosaic-topped jambu nightstand - table 50,000   No
quilted cotton floor mat - bed 5,000   No
low rattan table with carved mermaids coiling up the legs - table 7,000   No
woven banana leaf mat - floor cover 1,000   No
On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
barnacle-encrusted ship's bell 100   No
large clam shell bowl strung with rope handles 120   No
simple coconut shell mug with a bone handle 100   No
woven seagrass slippers adorned with silken phofe flowers 200   No
slender blown-glass vase enameled with vibrant hibiscus blossoms 1,000   No
shallow wood trencher with crude paguurs carved along the interior 120   No
woven jute tablecloth 500   No

[Island Interiors]
Open and airy, large windows at either end of this square room allow the island breezes carrying the rich, spicy scents of tropical flowers and plants to flow through. Gauzy hangings draped over long rods fastened to the walls billow gently in the currents of air, while large potted ferns and palms reflect the wealth of brilliant greenery outside. A dreamy-eyed clerk gazes out the window absently. You also see an arch cut in the wall.
Obvious paths: out.

Ask clerk about furniture
Item Price Done
stuffed desumos head - wall hanging 10,000   No
arched window framed in dried wildflowers - window 17,000   No
faded burlap mat - floor covering 5,000   No
seaglass-edged window - window 20,000   No
stuffed arzumos head - wall hanging 10,000   No
preserved sinuous elsralael - wall hanging 10,000   No
sun-bleached casement window - window 12,000   No
cracked glass porthole - window 13,000   No
starfish framed painting - wall hanging 10,000   No
pitted copper porthole - window 15,000   No
reed window screen - window 12,500   No
sand-hued tapestry rug - floor cover 11,000   No
flower shaped stained-glass window - window 70,000   No
dried water hyacinth mat - floor cover 8,000   No
driftwood rimmed porthole - window 25,000   No
frosted-glass porthole - window 20,000   No
tarnished brass porthole - window 10,000   No