Isfahni's Paradise (1)

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Isfahni's Paradise
Event 9/11 Merchants
Owner Isfahni
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Festival shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Isfahni's Paradise]
A cascade of song sparks through the air, thanks to a tiny crimson songbird in a wicker cage. Enameled pots filled with miniature orchids in a pastel rainbow of hues are suspended from gossamer silk hangers along the rear of the tent, and luxurious carpets of pure white shearling cover every inch of the floor. The walls are hung with finger cymbals and toe bells, jangling belts of beads and coins, and little hand-held drums -- all the accoutrements of the dancers that Isfahni cultivates as customers. You also see a white coral stand with some stuff on it, an ebony stand with some stuff on it, some rosewood shelves with some stuff on it, a crystal case with some stuff on it, and the tent flap. Obvious exits: none.

a white coral stand
Item Price Done
glittering silver belt of moons and stars linked with tiny jade bells 7,933   
belt of heavy beaten gold medallions etched with a sunburst design and linked with tiny brass bells 8,196   
hip belt of delicate silver links dangling with tiny enameled blossoms in a rainbow of colors 5,927   
belled anklet 3,481   
an ebony stand
Item Price Done
vest of jade green silk faintly patterned with silver wasps 2,229   
ivory silk vest embroidered with deep violet lotus blossoms and edged with scrimshaw beadwork 4,726   
black silk vest with embroidered roundels of blossoms encircled by crimson and gold phoenix 4,257   No
cream brocade vest with satin insets of brilliant green and gold dragonflies 7,865   
pale blue watered silk vest edged with tiny hammered silver disks 3,930   No
ivory-buttoned yellow silk vest with a rising sun emblem in flamestitched crimson and gold satin 6,912   
some rosewood shelves
Item Price Done
filmy skirt of pale green gauze over jade silk edged with delicate ivory wasps 6,093   
filmy skirt of sheer lilac gauze over deep violet silk glittering with tiny mirrored roundels 6,893   No
filmy skirt of seafoam gauze over aqua silk swirled with amethyst glass beads and freshwater pearls 8,888   
filmy skirt of sheer ivory gauze over light peach silk sparkling with latticed beadwork in gold, green, and peach 8,553   No
filmy skirt of translucent flame gauze over pure yellow silk hemmed with a narrow band of gold-copper weave 8,422   
filmy skirt of black gauze over crimson silk set along the hem with tiny beaten gold disks 8,077   No
filmy skirt of pure white gauze over pale pink silk knotted at the hip with long chain-braided fringe 6,290   

a crystal case
Item Price Done
etched copper toe bells 3,958   
hammered gold toe bells 5,089   No
beaten silver toe bells 5,089   
delicate bronze toe bells 5,089   
scarlet enameled toe bells 5,089