Iprilu's Emporium (obsolete)

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Iprilu's Emporium
Province Zoluren
Justice city
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1e
Owner Iprilu
# of Rooms 8
Store Type Paladin shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Shield shops, Smoking shops, Weapon shops
Restrictions Paladin
This store only accepts Kronars

This version of the shop is obsolete as of 12/20/2022. It is included for the purpose of auto-sourcing old inventory. For the current version, see Iprilu's Emporium.

Note: This shop closes at night.

Garments for the Lady

[Iprilu's Emporium, Garments for the Lady]
Several hanging tapestries decorate the walls, their bright colors portraying vivid scenes of battle. An overstuffed velvet chair rests near the alcove entrance, with woven shawls carefully draped over the back and a matching footrest at the base. A walnut wardrobe towers in a nearby corner, its doors propped open on both sides by two well-dressed wicker mannequins.
You also see a hanging glass case.
Obvious exits: west.

In the walnut wardrobe
Item Price Done
silver-threaded cashmere cloak clasped at the neck with a scintillating ruby rose 111,750   !!
charcoal grey lambswool cape trimmed with soft white rabbit fur 182,100   !!
floor-length brocade cloak beaded with emerald laurel wreaths 33,562   !!
sweeping azure mantle with embroidery depicting a golden scepter encircled by a laurel wreath 11,812   !!
On the wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
belt of carved ivory linked with cabochon emeralds 59,025   !!
braided leather belt fastened with a golden scepter buckle 26,625   !!
deep green velvet gown embellished with creamy tatted lace 13,437   !!
red velvet skirt split to reveal a full brocade underskirt patterned with deep green laurel leaves 9,625   !!
slim leather pants beaded in gold with twining laurel leaves 25,800   !!
stylish cap of deep azure velvet pinned with a feather in a gold brooch 20,700   !!
rotating stock
On the wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
billowing silvery silk shirt with ruffled cuffs 13,350   !!
dagged-edged bodice tightly laced with a tasseled crimson cord 17,718   !!
fitted doublet of deep azure velvet trimmed with gold silk ribbons 13,437   !!
flowing silk skirt embroidered with a pattern of silvery briars climbing from the hem 17,718   !!
pair of short white gloves cuffed with silk 1,912   !!
soft grey woolen bonnet trimmed with white ribbon rosettes 1,800   !!
rotating stock
On the velvet footrest
Item Price Done
pair of deep green velvet slippers with creamy silk straps 36,326   !!
pair of supple leather riding boots with gilded rowel spurs 4,440   !!
pair of dark brown calf-high boots with front laces 4,860   !!
pair of leather thigh boots fastened with ruby and silver buckles 35,400   !!
pair of dainty woolen shoes tied with white silk ribbons 15,775   !!
On the velvet chair
Item Price Done
black lace shawl fringed with small silken tassels 13,125   !!
crocheted wool shawl embroidered with a rampant golden lion 5,250   !!
In the glass case
Item Price Done
slender platinum necklace strung with glossy black pearls 151,562   !!
bracelet of ruby roses linked with fine silver 94,650   !!
trailing creamy silk ribbons 2,531   !!
intricately carved ivory bracelet 10,500   !!
pair of hammered gold earrings set with sapphire teardrops 67,125   !!

Garments for the Lord

[Iprilu's Emporium, Garments for the Lord]
A large mahogany counter dominates the back half of the room, bearing a finely tooled wooden display case. Just within the entrance is a hat stand, its elegantly carved wooden arms heavily laden with goods. Nearby, a three-tiered shelf has been stocked full with folded items, their colors bright against the darkened wood grain, and at its base rests an oversized chest with silver trimmings.
Obvious exits: east.

On the mahogany counter
Item Price Done
honeyed-shag tobacco 2,500   !!
modren'lorat tobacco 2,500   !!
oranged tobacco 2,500   !!
rich plum tobacco 187   !!
spiced tobacco 2,500   !!
rotating stock
In the display case (which is on a mahogany counter)
Item Price Done
ornate bone and mahogany pipe 2,500   !!
gilded satinwood pipe 2,500   !!
richly oiled burlwood pipe with an ivory mouthpiece 2,500   !!
On the hat stand
Item Price Done
dark blue tam with a gold brooch fashioned into a miniature shield 9,600   !!
broad-brimmed black hat with a long quail feather 1,650   !!
floppy green velveteen cap embellished with a silver sword pin 3,675   !!
sleek black hat with a wide band of iridescent silver scales 2,325   !!
deep magenta tam with a brooch of clustered gidii feathers 1,185   !!
On the three-tiered shelf
Item Price Done
brilliant scarlet surcoat emblazoned with a majestic raven 7,800   !!
dark green surcoat emblazoned with a golden gryphon 27,712   !!
deep crimson shirt with billowing sleeves laced closed at the cuff by leather cording 3,747   !!
fine black cotton trousers with silver filigree along the seams 4,800   !!
fine woolen kilt with a golden silk tassel 12,750   !!
ivory linen swordsman's shirt with blackworked cuffs 6,275   !!
loosely cut doeskin pants of a rich tawny hue 2,673   !!
quilted sable doublet fastened with gold scrollwork clasps 39,150   !!
supple leather pants with dark silk bindings 4,050   !!
tailored black silk shirt with silver cufflinks 18,150   !!
rotating stock
On the oversized chest
Item Price Done
tri-color braided leather belt with a large gold buckle 26,250   !!
adan'f scale belt embellished with polished silver studs 4,515   
pair of dark sable boots fastened with wide gold buckles 35,250   !!
silver-tipped black boots with small star-shaped buckles 7,350   !!
pair of grey bucket boots with ebony fur trim 5,550   !!
pair of calf-high adan'f scale boots with bronzed rowel spurs 6,900   !!

Nook of Shields

[Iprilu's Emporium, Nook of Shields]
Hanging from the wall are many heavy shields, each with a differing design and some symbolic emblem of the Paladin guild. The light shimmers over them brightly, accenting their unique craftsmanship and flawless design. A plush wolf-skin rug covers the floor, muffling heavy footsteps from boot-clad customers.
Obvious exits: east, out.

On the wall
Item Price Done
gleaming silvery tower shield etched with gold - large 248,063   !!
golden kite shield engraved with ebony olive laurels - large 46,875   !!
heavy steel shield laced with gold etching - large 95,000   !!
leather-wrapped scutum with an etched iron rim - large 62,500   !!
matte black aegis etched with gold - large 66,875   !!
simple steel shield emblazoned with two twining olive laurels - large 46,875   !!
deep bronze buckler engraved with an ebony panther - medium 51,600   !!
bronzed shield embossed with an image of two crossed swords - small 9,500   !!
highly polished silvery shield engraved with a prancing war horse - small 27,175   !!
rotating stock

Armor Delights

[Iprilu's Emporium, Armor Delights]
A crystal chandelier dangles from the ceiling, its brilliant light bouncing over the highly polished armor positioned over two mannequins lined against the far wall. An entry table is draped with a lace doily to protect its surface from the heavy items it bears. Nearby, a hanging rack has been suspended from a long beam, allowing it to spin freely and display a variety of headpieces.
Obvious exits: west.

On the cloth mannequin
Item Price Done
plate vambraces lined with soft lambswool and etched with an ebony emblem - plate 22,500   !!
copper-worked plate brigandine engraved with a vivid image of a white unicorn - brigandine 243,750   !!
copper-worked plate greaves trimmed with silver - brigandine 16,062   !!
plate brigandine with golden etchings - brigandine 199,875   !!
polished plate greaves with golden knee-caps - brigandine 12,375   !!
riveted metal breastplate embossed with a deep ebony emblem - brigandine 187,500   !!
blued-steel chain vambraces embellished with silver - chain 10,000   !!
triple-linked chain lorica crafted from blued steel - chain 277,500   !!
rotating stock
On the hanging rack
Item Price Done
gilded great helm with a flowing plume of boobrie feathers - plate 54,687   !!
brushed silver-washed bascinet with a golden brow - brigandine 96,000   !!
darkened steel armet helm engraved with a twining olive laurel - brigandine 24,375   !!
gleaming silver-white bascinet edged with brass - brigandine 23,125   !!
polished sallet with an enameled steel neckguard - brigandine 50,000   !!
rotating stock
On the entry table
Item Price Done
silvered gauntlets lined with soft sheepskin - brigandine 24,062   !!
sturdy mail gloves fringed with small golden links - chain 3,750   !!
highly polished handguards etched with an intricate ivy pattern - brigandine 15,000   !!
On the wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
finely polished full plate armor with gold filigree etching - plate 75,000   !!!!
finely-crafted suit of field armor lined with soft lambswool - plate 25,000   !!
highly polished silvery plate embossed with a vivid dragon - plate 18,750   !!
suit of matte black plate armor embellished with a blood red scorpion - plate 17,500   !!
augmented hauberk fashioned with an image of a jade dragon - chain 18,750   !!
double chain mail trimmed with fine golden links - chain 17,500   !!
rotating stock

Holy Relics

[Iprilu's Emporium, Holy Relics]
The lighting in this room burns softly from hanging oil lanterns, and casts a warm glow over a crystal case along the far wall Strangely, the items hanging on the wall are illuminated with more brilliance than the three lanterns can provide and the illusion is given that the light comes from within the objects themselves A lone table sits opposite the case, embedded within the shadows and shrouded with a heavy black cloth
Obvious exits: west, out

On the table
Item Price Done
cambrinth armband curled into the shape of a sleek mongoose - 32 mana 35,000   !!
cambrinth cube engraved with the image of a rampant lion - 32 mana 35,000   !!
hammered silver band set with a cambrinth crest of the Paladin Guild - 4 mana 11,550   !!
polished iron ring inset with a cambrinth shield - 4 mana 5,000   !!
A dainty card reads:

Dear Customer -- The cambrinth relics are as holy as all the other items on display They have been tested thoroughly and will only support the purest holy mana

On the wall
Item Price Done
heavy ironwood standard crowned with a bronze lion's head and bearing an embroidered flowing silk banner 31,250   !!
deep red mahogany standard topped with a heavy silver hound and bearing an embroidered crimson banner 30,000   !!
thick oak standard bearing a flowing black silk banner embroidered with the Paladin's Guild crest 28,750   !!
In the crystal case
Item Price Done
braided silver and gold ring set with a sleeping cambrinth lioness - 4 mana 19,775   !!
black ebonwood case inlaid with silver runes 8,636   !!
platinum anklet with dangling cambrinth hound charms - 8 mana 412,500   !!

Weapons of Fancy

[Iprilu's Emporium, Weapons of Fancy]
Mounted over the door is a massive broadsword, its blade serrated and set into a golden hilt So enormous is its size, it is obvious it is a piece meant for show and not for battle, for clearly no warrior could lift it alone An elongated weapons rack covers the far end of the room, displaying an assortment of swords, while a nearby hanging case holds a variety of smaller weapons over a linen-covered counter
You also see a display stand with a jade-inlaid bastard sword with a golden dragon head guard and pommel on it
Obvious exits: east

In the hanging case
Item Price Done
ebony-hilted dagger set with a large teardrop ruby - light edged 73,750   
dainty bodice dagger with an etched blade - light edged 6,093   
blackened steel war hammer with a wire-wound ironwood haft - medium blunt 93,750   
On the linen-covered counter
Item Price Done
double-fullered damascened blade with a dark ebony hilt - light edged 137,500   
On the weapons rack
Item Price Done
silvery-white steel war lance with a black silk-wrapped shaft - pike/heavy thrown 137,500   
polished steel sabre with a platinum inlay - medium edged 147,937   
antiqued silver-edged broadsword with a snake-shaped brass guard and falcon pommel - heavy edged 129,275   
two-handed sword with an elaborately etched blade and antler crossguard - twohanded edged 267,812   
On the display stand
Item Price Done
jade-inlaid bastard sword with a golden dragon head guard and pommel - heavy edged/twohanded edged 288,316