Incomparable Instruments

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Incomparable Instruments
Event Wren Faire
Owner Ocaruna
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Music shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Incomparable Instruments]
With velvet curtains surrounding the area and polished boards across the ground, the interior of this tent has the appearance of a stage. Gaethzen spotlights hang overhead, their crystal beams focused on the exquisite instruments for sale around the shop. You also see an exit flap, a flowing curtain, a smooth counter with some stuff on it, a padded mahogany shelf with some stuff on it, a narrow bow rack with some stuff on it, a padded marble pedestal with some stuff on it, and a padded mahogany table with some stuff on it. Also in the room: Ocaruna.
Obvious exits: none.

On the smooth counter
Item Price Done
dark silken wool-lined case with intricate ivory charms 12,305   No
white velvet case adorned with nacre buttons shaped like musical notes 12,305   
platinum-edged flute case set with star-shaped diamonds 80,315   
elegant velvet-lined case adorned with black and white diamonds of silk 12,305   No
On the padded mahogany shelf
Item Price Done
beautifully polished platinum flute set with tiny star-shaped diamonds in each key 145,562   
"All instruments in this shop are of the highest quality. If I come to alter, I will ONLY work on my instruments. No exceptions."
On the narrow bow rack
Item Price Done
black ironwood bow with an ivory-inlaid frog 13,567   No
elegant mahogany bow with a silverwillow-inlaid frog 11,796   
slender wyndewood bow with a gilt-edged frog 12,575   No
white ironwood bow with a nacre-inlaid frog 14,555   No
On the padded marble pedestal
Item Price Done
exquisitely crafted white ironwood violin with a nacre-inlaid fingerboard 217,185   
masterfully crafted gilt-edged wyndewood violin with narrow spiral sound holes 181,610   
On the padded mahogany table
Item Price Done
detailed mahogany treble viol inlaid with fine silverwillow along the fingerboard 178,427   
magnificently crafted black ironwood lyra viol with intricately carved ivory tuning pegs 225,092   

[Incomparable Instruments, Artisan's Corner]
A large gaethzen sphere hangs from the apex of the tent, shedding a gentle light over the whole area, making for an excellent workspace. Instruments in various states of completion are lined up on a plush, velvet-covered rack along one wall next to a worktable. Along the opposite wall rests a soft, portable bed, draped in luxurious down-stuffed handmade quilts. You also see a flowing curtain.
Obvious exits: none.