Imperial Imports (1)

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Imperial Imports
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Imperial Imports]
In a sharp contrast to the rest of the island, this shop is decorated with the finest materials from across the lands. Rich blue velvet covers the cushioned walls, stretching from the mahogany floor to the ceiling. A cured and polished cypress counter stands along a far wall, while fully-armored mannequins are spaced throughout the elegant shop. You also see an elegantly painted sign hung upon the wall.
Obvious exits: out.

An elegantly painted sign hung upon the wall reads:

~ Our Esteemed Patrons ~

On the rosewood mannequin
Item Price Done
dark leather boots strapped with polished steel sabatons 50,000   
polished Imperial battle armor etched with a majestic galleon 2,450,000   !!
polished steel gauntlets accented with brilliant sapphires 280,000   !!
polished Imperial battle helm crested with trailing blue horsehair 100,000   !!
On the flamewood mannequin
Item Price Done
brushed suede boots strapped with golden sabatons 20,000   !!
golden Imperial battle armor inlaid with animite seven-pointed stars 2,650,000   !!
golden plate gauntlets trimmed with black leather 250,000   !!
golden Imperial battle helm with trailing purple horsehair 250,000   !!
On the mahogany mannequin
Item Price Done
polished black boots strapped with gleaming spurred sabatons 20,000   
gleaming Imperial battle armor embellished with black diamonds 3,750,000   !!
gleaming plate gauntlets accented with golden seven-pointed stars 250,000   !!
gleaming Imperial battle helm crested with trailing black horsehair 1800,000   !!
On the cypress mannequin
Item Price Done
supple leather boots strapped with black sabatons 20,000   !!
black Imperial battle armor trimmed in silver and gold 2,950,000   !!
black gauntlets embellished with golden seven-pointed stars 250,000   !!
black Imperial battle helm crested with trailing red horsehair 100,000   !!