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Iconn T'saclo
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime

You see Iconn T'saclo, a Gnome.

His features are hidden behind a burnished steel mask sporting a pair of long horns. The lustrous mask boasts exaggerated bovine features, large, rounded eye holes covered with glittering red lenses, and a large bronze nose ring looped through its flared nostrils. Sticking out from either side of the broad forehead, long horns curve up slightly at the ends, the tips capped in hammered bronze. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a burnished steel mask sporting a pair of long horns, a green diamond-hide helm of tiny scales sporting a wide jaw and ridged eyebrows, a bleached bone amulet painted with faded purple scorpions, a brilliant red-gold reptile skin cloak, a gleaming brass badge etched with "Fear the bunnies!", a midnight-black badge stitched with "Necros, beware. We aren't friends.", a jagged scythe with a twisted glaes-spiked haft, a black ironwood buckler with a skull-shaped damite boss, a juvenile wyvern skull, an elaborately draped robe held in place by pieces of firestained platinum, a diamond-hide hauberk of glistening green scales dangling a long spiked tail, some diamond-hide gloves riveted with green scales tapering to sharp curved claws, a knife with a khor'vela handle displaying tiny vertebral inclusions within the wood and some knee-high knarn fur boots bound with strips of leather.