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Hrethgar Filinahi
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


You see Sir Hrethgar Filinahi, Sergeant of the Ilithi Infantry, a Kaldaran Paladin. He has an angular face and deep-set ale-brown eyes. His light brown hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn tied back. He has tanned skin. He has an elegantly trimmed mustache on his upper lip. He has a tattoo of a roaring lion with its claws seeming to rip through the skin on his arm.

He is wearing a great helm, a simple silver circlet with a wide band, a simple nimbus garnet pendant dangling from a delicate silver chain, a sea-green sailor's cloak appliqued with a knotwork pattern, a bronze Sergeant's badge, an anloral dove pin, a pilgrim's badge, a slender khuj, an embossed quiver, a forester's crossbow, a linked-steel pack depicting a roaring bronze lion, some field plate armor, a shield vert bearing a dove argent salient, some gauntlets, a cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Paladins' Guild, a polished leather belt with a bastard sword hanging from it and a pair of low leather boots buckled with a silver bear claw.

Early Life

Hrethgar Filinahi was born on the 9th day of the 5th month of Uthmor the Giant 356 AL. His father, Drethgar, was a minor barbarian hunter who had come to Kermoria during the Gorbesh War. At the first opportunity, Drethgar deserted from the Gorbesh army, wishing for his children to be raised in the individualistic cultures of the lands of Kemoria, as opposed to the draconian and rigid Gorbesh societies.

Hrethgar grew up in the seedy neighborhood that lay near the Crossing's West Gate. His childhood was spent engaging in minor acts of hooliganism, which became more and more serious as he became older. Fistfights with rival gangs, thievery, public drunkenness and lascivious conduct are crimes that he was charged with according to the Crossing guardhouse records; many more certainly went unrecorded. Before Hrethgar's life came to a tragic end, however, fate intervened. Having just been kicked out of his house with orders from his father not to return until he had reformed, Hrethgar discovered that a friend of his meant to seek adventure on a ship that was due to set sail within a week. Hrethgar was able to secure a position as a boarding marine upon the vessel. When told he was required to be a guild-member before embarking on the ship, Hrethgar joined the Paladin's guild. When asked about it years later, Hrethgar laughingly stated "I knew practically nothing about the guild at the time. All I knew was that my father forbade me from joining the Barbarian's guild, and I knew Paladins used swords. I guess I just wanted a sword." On his 17th birthday, Hrethgar bid his family farewell and set off to seek his fortune.

Naval Adventures and Outcast War

Nautical records show that the ship Hrethgar sailed on, the Lemicus' Laugh, was lost at sea in 378 AL. Further records show that the voyage Hrethgar took part in consisted of anti-piracy duty, particularly an amphibious raid of a pirate enclave on a small island in the Reshal Sea. The ship roster indicates that staggeringly high losses were suffered during these endeavors. The last time Hrethgar is mentioned in the ships log is while it was in port at Aesry.

It is believed that it was while on Aesry that Hrethgar met Miriah Kinefleime, a mysterious barbarian whose hand was involved in many plots. She convinced Hrethgar to journey with her to Ilithi, in order to help protect the city during the coming war. Upon their arrival in Shard, Hrethgar was enlisted directly by Laarth Frozenfyre into his Stormbringer Brigade as a Security Sergeant. Hrethgar served with this unit in several battles, invasions, and even a naval action.

Like many Ilithians, the end of the Outcast War was a traumatic event in Hrethgar's life. In the ensuing confusion and chaos of the Outcast's invasion of Shard, Hrethgar was separated from both Miriah and Laarth. While Laarth survived the invasion and occupation, he has since become reclusive, only rarely appearing in public. Hrethgar has not heard a word from Miriah since the last time he was in Shard, and he presumes her to have been killed in the last moments of the War.

Missing Years

Practically no records can be found for Hrethgar's whereabouts from 375-395 AL. The Paladin is uncharacteristically tight-lipped about his activities during this period. He does admit to extensive travel, however he almost certainly used a pseudonym, as his name appears on no transit or other official records during this time.

Return to Ilithi and Becoming Madigan's Squire

Current Activities